Woods Pga tounament 2019 first-run ranks stand side by side only leave the 51st times the bureau is not ideal

Woods Pga tounament 2019 first-run ranks stand side by side only leave the 51st times the bureau is not ideal

PGA tounament is first-run, a bureau of the tiger is not ideal. In standard lever the Bei Sipei of 70 lever surprises black field, he hands over 72 lever (+ 2) , the platoon is in paratactic the 51st.

The Woods that sets out at 10 holes leaves bureau get down Shuang Baiji, let oneself be in passive situation. What that one hole does not want like me is clean in that way. Woods is in speak of set out express when the Shuang Baiji of a hole, from most bad at the beginning. Bully is pretty good, but the place that the ball stops finally in a how terrible, on fruit mountain I let that one lever the situation becomes more complex, missed the push rod that ought advance again plus me. I missed a lot of opportunities.

After 4 holes protect handkerchief, woods receives the first young bird of epicycle in the 15th hole eventually, but the circumstance appears and did not improve.

Come to standard lever 17 holes of 3 lever, bully of five at present is hit into the bunker that is full of cobble, he became risk then. Woods is hit wear fruit mountain, those who face is cut

staff declivously, left a 8 feet Bai Ji to push, he was missed again. This is his epicycle the 2nd get down Shuang Baiji, when leaving mountain range of 17 holes fruit, woods shakes his head.

Turn after field, woods catchs birdie one after another, this lets the excitement that the crowd changes rise, display ceaselessly with applause and hurrah. In standard lever 4 holes of 5 lever, 300 bully of Woods gave him the play space with the 2nd sufficient lever, the 2nd lever is apart from ball hole afterwards only remnant 31 feet, he caught eagle finally over.

My feeling returned the right path, although get down two Shuang Baiji, but fight back of my do all one can, let oneself return under standard lever. Woods expresses. But unfortunate is, woods appeared after that a few 3 push, cut lever error in 8 holes again, bai Ji of successional get down, let him be immersed in a trouble again in. This and in Aogusida the tiger of all-powerful is like two different people that last month.

Arrive from this morning afternoon, field produced a few change, fruit mountain becomes faster. Woods expresses.

Wu Cigang just was in United States of vole of year head field the individual captured on master game the 15th vole wins.

This year, 6 games that he plays promote entirely, before 3 ascend body 10. This also is first match after Woods wins American Great Master to surpass, want to strive individual champion of the 16th vole, need of five at present is behaved enoughly in the 2nd round outstanding. (reporter Deng Han grants)

Original title: Woods encounters predicament, PGA tounament is first-run stand side by side only the 51st responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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