Torch of games of soldier of the 7th world delivers time army to carry meeting torch delivers direct seeding video to watch

Torch of games of soldier of the 7th world delivers time army to carry meeting torch delivers direct seeding video to watch

On August 1 in the morning 8 when, torch of games of soldier of the 7th world will be born in the the Chinese People's Liberation Army 2019 ground Jiangxi Nanchang is started deliver, CCTV network will be synchronous direct seeding of CCTV5 whole journey, expect please!

Torch of games of soldier of the 7th world delivers direct seeding army to carry meeting torch transmits direct seeding video: Click watch

Current army carry is met torch is delivered in order to share friendship, build peace to give priority to a problem together, in order to achieve military honor, build world peace to be catchword, use reveal a gender to transfer the pattern that transfers photograph union with relay, in countrywide horse and foot 43 sites undertake, include 27 cities and 16 army site. Start from Jiangxi Nanchang, army carry torch visits Beijing of whole journey by way of, Heibei Shijiazhuang town (Xi Baipo) , city of city of Nanjing of Shanghai, Jiangsu province, Fujian Province Long Yan (Gu Tian) , city of Xi'an of province of justice city, Shaanxi mixes city of Guangdong province Shenzhen, Guizhou Province abide by; Army site includes ground force some Education Foundation, army some brigade, ground force is some preliminary service division, naval university of Cheng of war industry of some division, rocket, strategy helps university of aviation of hospital ship of some detachment, peace ark, air force, air man army spaceflight is versed in; After arriving at army carry to be able to sponsor province Hubei to save, will be in provincial 17 city state undertakes delivering. Late on October 18, meet the army fate that enters Wuhan town opening ceremony advocate assembly room, ignite advocate torch tower.

Be worth what carry is, in these cities, have the Chinese revolution sacred place th

at visits Shijiazhuang city Xi Baipo to be a delegate with Heibei already, also have the forward position of Chinese reforming and opening that is a delegate with city of Guangdong province Shenzhen. Meet as army carry the footstep of torch, people can review a the Chinese People's Liberation Army from do not have years, experience the development course of Chinese reforming and opening. Deliver with the torch of the Olympic Games different, wuhan army carries meeting torch is delivered between the city not only, pass fervent barback even, pass the guard camping ground with thing out-of-the-way and difficult north and south. Torch will reach 16 unit unit, the army carry that contemporary China soldier will naturally present an extraordinary for us is met torch is delivered.

Wuhan army carries meeting torch name is peaceful halo, implied meaning peace, development, friendship, 700mm of torch overall length, weight 780 grams, integral exterior is trigonometry modelling, torch coping relies on photograph be in harmony closely by 3 round blaze and become, the military photograph of indicative world each district gets together China, ignite each other enthusiastic, build peaceful friendship together; The air inlet of form of Great Wall crenel surrounds torch coping, deliver a whole world on behalf of the concept that develops peace; The number of Chinese red impression confuses colour besmear outfit, be full of army carry characteristic and culture details; The peace of world of round implied meaning of torch bottom, it is an organic whole together.

Current army carry can choose 2019 torch hand to attend deliver, wait for composition by hand of legionary torch hand, local torch hand, foreign nationality torch. Among them, legionary torch hand 954, include horse and foot and armed police unit delegate of delegate of flower model character, basic level officers and soldiers (contain officer, soldier, nonmilitary personnel and commando provision service personnel) , representing of athlete of legionary and delegate of old soldier of old Red Army man, outstanding trainer; Local torch hand 995, include delegate of Party and goverment officials, double have model, armyman's family members of a revolutionary martyr's family and outstanding answer turn military delegate, each industry is crackajack delegate, delegate of outstanding trainer athlete, sponsor representing waits for the place; Hand of foreign nationality torch 70, include international army system each member country is stationed in Hua Wu's official and representing of student studying abroad to wait. In the meantime, still shield unit of arrangement armed police run hand 40, whole journey is loaded protect run, bodyguard and formal task.

At the appointed time, the torch hand that Wuhan army carry meets, protect run hand and staff member will be worn confuse colour chaste tree by number of brush cal

ligraphy five-pointed star the dress that the element such as Chu Tuwen comprises, highlight army movement the martial characteristic that meeting torch delivers and characteristic of chaste tree Hunan.

In addition, torch that army carry meets deliver still expedited include hand of forerunner car, command car, torch to put in (collect) the torch that waits for car inside passes car of job of command car of car, security work car, flow, media motorcade, its task is the torch that passes holy fire for each hand and protect run the hand provides carriage support, safeguard torch relay is smooth move. Automobile body impression all is white, two side are automobile body the charm of core graph country in figure of whole of games of soldier of the 7th world confuses colour, meet with army carry thematic echo each other at a distance, core graph reachs line of set each other off of thematic catchword each other. Torch delivers motorcade will be the holy fire blaze that additionally posse flows, form torch to deliver on the road one beautiful beautiful scenery line, bearing the weight of the expectation of millions upon millions audience to games of soldier of the 7th world and look forward to, ignite all the way on the way the army carry of common people will be enthusiastic.

Original title: On August 1 8 when direct seeding - Wuhan army carries meeting kindling collects reach transmit edition of responsibility of the ceremony that start: Li Xiaoling


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