Tactics of lake person new sports season is exploded to meet Trojan of follow the lead of hits law heavy to attack prevent when leading role

Tactics of lake person new sports season is exploded to meet Trojan of follow the lead of hits law heavy to attack prevent when leading role

Be apart from new sports season to still have many time, to lake person, cease after contest peri

od gets Davis, the mainest is how new sports season hits he and Lebulang, now, lake person bishop drills Wogeer disclosed a few relevant plans.

In interview, wogeer talked about pair of Davis first use, he expresses: Davis is main focal point, in all all tactics arrangement that he will involve me to be able to be designed quite, every tactics has him, because he is one of the most outstanding players in this alliance. Aggression end, he is capable to hit 4, 5, can the space on drawing field arrives 3 minutes outside the line, also can become a menace that pounds basket basket, he can do these businesses entirely completely. Still have bank, advance quick attack.

It is to defend next, he can monopolize likewise everything. He has the sort of motion capacity, can prevent flank, also can become top basket basket defend person, bank hand, he is our alliance is the most crackajack attack prevent double can one of players. General your respecting this kind of player, you are to say George, Lainade such exterior line, and Davis is 4, 5.

In speak of lake person planted agent still having take an examination of Xin Si, the battle array is loftier, the consideration returns Wogeer to teach at the outset dozen of way that Xibaite, West leads when pedestrian, he expresses: Different. That basically is low an aggression, bang planted agent, it is rhythm slow come down a bit, call position of half of a game or contest. Of course, I also can make lake person completely much so dozen, but I am to feel match style has been changed, I like Trojan to make a way, their rhythm, quick attack, project 3 minutes, returning those who have them to cut me to feel is a lot of people meet approve of is their the strongest characteristic. Be in when the ball low when, a lot of run undertaking, so I can combine the advantage of our player, was in in the past with me anyway the meeting making a way of pedestrian is very different.

Accuse to defend about strapping Braun to be hit before, holding proportion problem also is pa

id close attention to by everybody, wogeer expresses: Be, I also do not know to appear from where come to what he makes the report that accuses defend, le Bulang won't be done him by the requirement the business that whole profession career had never done. He can be the main person that control a ball. I won't specify what part now, what position, won't resemble what say in the report in that way, specific who is hit how how, everything is formed naturally. I know Lebulang has a ball to be when the hand only, he is the strongest, so we ensure he hits a success how to come.

Original title: : of fertile case Er? Х of  hoarse Lou sweeps past lead heavy of? seeing Pi to attack preventing is editor of responsibility of absolutely leading role: Li Xiaoling


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