Sufficient newest leg is opposite 2019 China country time of game of direct seeding of CCTV5 of tower auspicious Ke Sitan

Dajikesitan is sufficient assist announced a few days ago, team of football of man of country of tower auspicious Ke Sitan will be in Guangzhou and China on June 11 male sufficient undertake a warm up is surpassed.

2019 China country is sufficient newest leg

Both sides is right blast: Auspicious of tower of Chinese country sufficient Vs overcomes Si Tan

Game time: On June 11, 20: 00 (Beijing time)

Direct seeding platform: CCTV5 sports channel (click watch)

According to arrangement, on June 7, tower auspicious overcomes Si Tan team to will undertake with Afghan team a warm up is surpassed first. After 4 days, team will head for Guangzhou, enrol too with Chinese team again. Tower auspicious overcomes Si Tan team to rank the world at present the 120th, and world of national sufficient rank the 74th, Asia the 8th. National group Ceng Yu came to Dajikesitan 2018 China with the country abstruse team undertakes warm up is surpassed, final with 1 than 2 lose.

Although the arrangement of contest of this warm up already by Guan Xuan, but China male sufficient advocate handsome person selected is returned not by Guan Xuan, concern li of skin to be entered again advocate the information with enough country, just also be heated up to fry by media, china is sufficient assist have not give the decisive word.

No matter head a group by who,do not pass, the country is sufficient the warm up contest June is to must want triumph. The 9th Iraq of Asian because of back the team already was step by step press hard on, the country is sufficient have a bit inadvertent, will be surmounted by adversary on pop chart. It is reported, in two international June game of group of sufficient cou

plet nation noons, the adversary of Iraqi team is the Tunisia team that infiltrates final of Russia world cup is encircled and Syria of Asian powerful force respectively team, choose two strong opponents to be enrolled too, the think of a way that Iraqi team wants to take taller integral is self-evident.

And from the country for full actual strength, go up personally from Dajikesitan grab cent, not should special difficulty. the group also is in li of skin to try hard to choose a player actively at present. Last week the spot watched constant big with Su Ning, on after the match of harbor and Lu Neng, the skin in this week teachs the group views the emphasis Beijing country to bring the competition with Tianjin day sea in industry put oneself in another's position. How is this sports season country behaved strong, besides already selected country abstruse Guo Quanbo and Zhang Yuning, include the Zhang Xizhe, Wang Gang, Yu Dabao, person such as Piao Cheng, will become li of tare to choose the target that make an on-the-spot investigation. And besides the face that is familiar with besides these, place of group of skin of the underside of a quilt of regular also meeting pays close attention to Li Ke. The Li Ke of Sen Naqing example of A of one's previous experience, obtain after giving a seniority, behave instantly favorable balance of trade to give the actual strength with age person, in in hind mix locally abstruse Gu Si asks each shining more brilliantly in the other's company, all can contribute 5 times grab, 1.17 intercept and 1.33 rescue sb from a siege, be opposite a match that Henan builds line of business is medium those who obtained nationalization naturalization player is medium exceed a ball. (reporter Li Li)

Original title: The team enrolled Dajikesitan too in June the country is sufficient, wait for

familiar face at big treasure except Zhang Xizhe, li Ke suffers attention responsibility to edit: Ceng Shaolin


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