Saitelumupu of Shanghai Sinuoke's Great Master does not have a predestined relationship 4 Jiang Luobai abdicate 6

Saitelumupu of Shanghai Sinuoke's Great Master does not have a predestined relationship 6-2 of 4 strong Luo Baixun Hawkins

Si Nuo overcame Shanghai Great Master to surpass the contention that enters 1/4 final 2019, telumupu is right Zhen Ailun, although hit one pole 109 minutes, but whole condition owes beautiful, suffer a defeat with total score 1-6 without the predestined relationship 4 strong, luo Baixun gets the better of Hawkins to be hit into semifinals greatly with 6-2.

The world ranks first Telumupu, head battle 6-4 washs out Jierbaite, with mark - Allan contends for 4 strong chairs. Two people the fight hand to hand before this 23, allan 12 get the better of 1 smooth 10 negative take actor. Two people last time fight hand to hand has been the country two years ago final of 1/4 of bright and beautiful contest, at that time Allan 6-5 win by a narrow margin.


Head after Lumupu takes bureau spy 46 minutes first, allan grasps the opportunity of adversary error, one lever gets 63 minutes forestalling one's opponent by a show of strength. The 2nd bureau Telumupu still feel owes beautiful, allan single pole takes below 62 minutes, get the better of one bureau again with 69-16. Both sides of the 3rd bureau has an opportunity, allan a few begin, with 69-30 victorious 3-0 precedes. Telumupu behaves the 4th bureau somewhat eventually, hit one lever to defeat 100, capture 109 minutes with 119-0 get victory, 3-1 of Allan of before first half 4 bureaus is banner.

The 5th bureau after brief rest and reorganization, allan continues to control on field active, one lever gets 4-1 enlarges an advantage 55 minutes victorious with 87-11. Exploit a victory of Allan of the 6th bureau is pursued and attack, single pole 73 minutes with 81-11 get victory, 5-1 grabs game ball. The 7th bureau Telumupu is preferential the error after 12 minutes, allan single pole is taken 69 minutes, win 3 bureaus to get the better of Telumupu to rush into greatly with 6-1 repeatedly again 4 strong.

6-3 washs out Melbourne machine Luo Baixun of Ding Junhui, 1/4 final meets Hawkins head-on, before latter two make inning of decide the issue of the battle, beat Yan Bingtao an

d Xijinsi respectively. The Luo Baixun before this and suddenly Jin Si played 22 games, luo Baixun 12 get the better of 1 smooth 9 negative banner. Two people are the closest fight hand to hand is this year the Great Master surpasses 1/4 final, at that time get victory of Luo Baixun 6-3.

Open bureau Luo Baixun with respect to firepower a standard-sized sheet, head the bureau although Hawkins takes the lead in begin, but be obliged 22 minutes with respect to error, luo Baixun take-overs mesa, one rod is broken 100 get 115 minutes unplugging the head prepares first. The 2nd bureau and the 3rd bureau, luo Baixun hits single pole 73 minutes to mix 68 minutes early or late, take next 3-0 to precede with 102-7 and 88-0. Luo Baixun of the 4th bureau a few begin, with 65-15 victorious 4-0 ends first half.

The second half the 5th bureau, hawkins finds feel eventually, hit one lever 99 minutes to seal. Begin of suddenly Jin Sixian of the 6th bureau is obtained banner, dan Luobai abdicate grasps an opportunity, one lever 60 distinguish a stage, obtain game ball with 5-1 of 75-58 get victory. Hawkins of the 7th bureau fights with his back to the river-fight to win or die, single pole is broken 100 capture 114 minutes, overtake a game ball with 115-16 get victory. Luo Baixun of the 8th bureau gets circumstance of 57 minutes to fall first in Hawkins single pole, clear stand changeover with 67-57 changeover, semifinal of body of ascend of triumph of total score 6-2.

Original title: Allan of 1-6 of rash Mu general does not have Shanghai contest spy to edit along responsibility of 4 Hawkins of 6-2 of strong Luo Baixun: Li Xiaoling


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