River of Japanese new foreign minister is wild too man: Its father ever published river tough talk to object Xiu Xian

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In report will occupy new network on August 3 day intermediary report, this month 3 days in installing times cabinet to reorganization, reform of the administration before Japan takes on photograph river is wild too man (54 years old) will take up the post of foreign minister.

Data chart: The river is wild too man

Day intermediary points out, wild ocean of river of numerous courtyard prolocutor is smooth before its father, Japan (80 years old) ever also had become foreign minister, two generation take up the post of father and son foreign minister can says infrequent. River wild ocean is smooth object premier An Beijin strongly 3 offerred modification constitution the 9th.

The report says, regard Japan as diplomatic face, foreign minister is one of ministerial and significant position, often become the heavyweight assemblyman from civilian party president to take up the post of by hopeful. River wild ocean makes the same score benefit of wealthy town of Ceng Zaicun hill, small deep pool 3, 3 cabinet hold the position of Sen Xilang foreign minister.

Before taking up the post of foreign minister 1993, river wild ocean is smooth as Japanese cabinet government-owned room seniors off

ice or officer published river tough talk, comfort the participation that installs Fu problem to admit the Japanese army and mandatory. Its politics footing and accipitral group liability are installed strongly times not identical.

Its cornstalk river is wild too man is installed in the 3rd of 2015 times when reorganizationing cabinet joins cabinet first, in be asked about to express when the view of tough to the river talk, discuss individual view and not appropriate. Since premier said successive river tough talk, I won't be added or cutout is decreased.

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