Reading notes of survey of Central Africa collaboration: Unconscious inside of railroad another " open way "

The Kenya century project that China builds is unconscious inside railroad just be open to traffic, already walked into museum.

On the history, the Luo Bi inside Kenya capital is promoted because of railroad, museum of a railroad becomes this city arisen the footnote with development. Nowadays, this museum monarch goes out to be exhibited technically room, use at displaying to cheat inside the important thing of railroad.

Dormant museum and run train, at the same time map gives critical collaboration achievement and companionship.

[Chinese speed]

The railroad museum that be subordinate to belongs to Kenya railroad is located inside near the old railway station of Luo Bi downtown. The 100 rice course railroad that builds by British colonist before New Year more crosses from here and pass. Daniel of announcer of museum of Luo Bi railroad hopes inside division profit guides a reporter to see a house inside an old thing: The tailor-made bicycle tha

t the iron of rice path railway makes orbit of crosstie, overhaul use, outdoor exhibit the vintage loco with mixed area

Have the history of Kenya railroad a little, rare division profit very familiar with sth; Respecting is unconscious inside railroad, he is to be profuse in praise more. The sense is too good! Tell a not long ago to take unconscious inside when the experience of railroad train, he does not become aware excitement rises.

Xikeli the ability before a few months from agree attune of ministry of iron firm work works to museum. Cheat by May inside after railroad be open to traffic, he gets company welfare fortunately a piece of train ticket, experienced Chinese rate: Want 4 many hour only, too fast!

Complimentary word of Xikeli is to send from the heart. The rice path railway with original Kenya year long disrepair, speed per hour is less than 40 kilometer only nowadays, from inside Luo Bi wants many hours 10 to Meng Basa of city of seaside of the eastpart part. Because cost too long, the scheduled flight that choose of a lot of person selected takes a car or takes fare not to poor is between two big cities come-and-go, major freightage also must transfer Kenya highway.

Now, the China of 120 kilometer makes speed per hour contemporary train this paragraph itinerary shorten 4 many hours, go out to bring new option all right to the people. Current, unconscious inside railroad moves everyday a pair of Mengbasa going there and back and inside Luo Bi's passenger train, fixed number of persons of every times of train 1370 person. According to cheating inside what the Luo Bi inside railroad stands is medium just attemper personnel introduction, square operation group is in in talk things over with Kenya railroad branch, preparation opens more passenger train.

[give me a room, still you a paragraph wonderful]

In museum, the reporter has gone a few to exhibit room, see the empty room with a not little area, there is to exhibit ark for nothing only inside. Xikeli says, this is to give unconscious inside what railroad prepares is special exhibit room, museum is collecting testimony to cheat inside the important thing of railroad construction operation, soon, people understanding can become to cheat here inside the good place of railroad.

Xikeli says, usually a lot of new personality can come railroad museum is patted marry according to, their beautiful figure keeps between the loco that is full of historical sense and railroad car, also can know the course that him state railway develops at the same time.

Nowadays, the honeymoon of new personality had new choice. They can sit to cheat inside railroad train goes Mengbasa comes littoral brigade.

The end looks around when leaving, reporter group meets a coach to carrying a few elementary school inborn museum looks around. See Chinese reporter, this group of lively and lovely Kenya children make a call enthusiasticly. Xikeli tells a reporter, luo Bi's middle and primary school often organizes a student to look around to here inside.

Before long in the future, walk into museum when the children of Kenya, they can not appreciate the history solely, still can look forward to future, because cheat inside railroad just begins.

According to long-dated program, the country such as Uganda of join of this railroad general, Rwanda, Burundi, Na Sudan, become main artery of railroad of an East Africa, conduce to not only drive our region interconnection each other is connected and unifinication is built, also have important sense to promoting Kenya and development of society of East Africa economy.

[change profession guard less for nothing]

Groups of Kenya is small Aipantesiken is the steward in sky before Ni Di. Now, his working station is being cheated inside on the train with brand-new railroad. When encountering him, he along the platform perambulatory the train to the station.

By Chinese enterprise bear those who build is unconscious inside railroad is formal be open to traffic already two many months. Nowadays, kennedy finishs via often going back and forth between Yuneiluo and between Mengbasa. Arrive from inside sky terrestrial, his workplace changed, however still with speed closely relevant, and what he experiences now is Chinese speed.

Talk about take off chamfer, kennedy tells a reporter, become in airline before him steward, domestic abroad flies everywhere, time is long, he hopes to be able to be changed leave home closer job, and unconscious inside railroad most those who attract him is, here has better profession to expand a scope.

What is the next profession target that then you are here?

Kennedy laughs undemonstratively, did not reply, nevertheless he invites a reporter enthusiasticly to look to his responsible train.

Railroad car interior is clean and neat, establishment is advanced. Railroad car is exterior, below the mark of Kenya railroad, imprinting two English: UniCom each country, benefit people.

Regard Central Africa as the priority discipline that collaboration, one belt builds all the way, unconscious inside railroad makes an appointment with 480 kilometer endlong, it is Kenya implementation national development wished 2030 the admiral project of scene, also be the biggest infrastructure project since Kenya is independent. " unconscious inside railroad project r

esponsibility of 2016 year society reports " point out, unconscious inside railroad project accumulative total exceeds 4 for local immediate creation. Station of 60 thousand works.

Nowadays railroad building be open to traffic, one large quantities of like Kennedy such Kenya youth became train driver, guard, steward.

More people, because of this railroad, had poem and distant place. Annual the travel that June is Meng Basa of Kenya seaside city originally is off-season, no matter the white beach of coconut movie dancing, still be the famous places and historical sites with mottled city wall, the tourist is very few. Because cheat inside railroad is enlightened, travel of famous city of this East Africa is off-season nowadays not weak, tourist in an endless stream.

Just, person taking a car is much, debut two months, buy a ticket to still must rely on to grab. (appropriate of Xu Liyu Chen Junxia man) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Reading notes of survey of Central Africa collaboration: Unconscious inside of railroad another " open way " responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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