Pu Hegong gets score double kill league matches of Guangzhou constant big J to be opposite a Hiroshima is fie-fie however

Pu Hegong gets score double kill league matches of Guangzhou constant big J to be

opposite a Hiroshima

is fie-fie however

Be in inferior in coronal semifinal, pu Hegong gets the score with 2-0 and 1-0 double killed Guangzhou constant big. But in Japanese J league matches, pu Hegong is gotten is a middle reaches team only however. Last night J league matches the 31st round in, pu Hegong is gotten be opposite in guest field again a Hiroshima when 3 arrows fie-fie.

Face Hiroshima 3 arrows, pu Hegong is gotten on all data statistic to fall at ahull. On rate controlling a ball, pu Hegong is gotten have 42% only. On shoot number, pu Hegong is gotten with 8 than 18 far backward.

It is nevertheless when the 75th minute, pu Hegong gets instead to take the lead in obtaining a goal. In receive long Ze Hehui after the horizontal stroke is passed, cliff wave develop is big also right leg of the road in forbidden zone is low shoot remote corner burst open the door.

When the 88th minute, 3 arrows harvest Hiroshima black Long Dali. In the road in this square forbidden zone, pu Hegong gets large tree of ridge of right back bridge to try graph rescue sb from a siege, but became finally however to this square goal write down right leg spirit to be pushed definitely shoot. Angle of shoot of this black dragon very artful, rubber ball flies into goal left next blind angle.

This writes down Wu Longqiu, make Pu Hegong is gotten desertioned in one's hand victory, battle of bilateral and final 1-1 is smooth. In much contest circumstance falls, pu Hegong is gotten 30 rounds take, rank integral a list of names posted up the 9th. Be apart from inferior coronal area, pu Hegong is gotten fully little 19 minutes. And photograph comparing demotes area, pu Hegong is gotten only much went out 5 minutes.

Original title: League matches of J of the double group that kill constant fie-fie! 88 minutes of weird Wu Long change 3 minutes 1 minute responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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