Piao Jinhui attends dry the 46th public trial makes politics case close a key point tiredly for many times on foot

Abroad net Piao Jinhu

i of the president before the Korea that report just will left hospital 4 days on August 1, be about to receive the 2nd trial today. Local time 1 day morning, piao Jinhui heads for an Er court of the place central, attend a trusted follower to fight politics proposal the 46th public trial. Early before on July 28, piao Jinhui ever ached because of toe, the law court that joins goes straight towards a hospital to accept treatment continuously after careful, left hospital that day.

This day of Piao Jinhui is the same as as one used to do same, foot step sandal, in female jail alarm support sb with hand next trend courts, expression is dim. Face camera she although swipe spirit, but still what unpleasant attack by surprise brings because of be in hospital and high strenth adjudgement is tired. When walk, the reporter still is patted because make,close a key point tiredly for many times to her.

And early before when attending the front courtyard careful with 24 d

ays 21 days, ceng Yin of plain Jin benefit's infrequent smile suffers media to pay close attention to fully. 21 days morning, piao Jinhui reachs a court by car of send under escort, free smiling expression is shown after getting off, since her be on trial be on trial, such smile still is belonged to first. The report says, piao Jinhui is in with jail alarm josh, but from the point of the photograph, jail alarm look is earnest. 24 days, piao Jinhui gives uptodate expression to loosen, once more the face shows a smile. (Compile / abroad net Liu is strong)

Original title: Piao Jinhui attends dry the 46th public trial makes politics case shut eye responsibility tiredly to edit for many times on foot: Ceng Shaolin


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