Paris is negative the message is ceaseless advocate handsome response: Neimaer ought not to criticize teammate

Paris can be in Zhou Zhong and unconscious Biliai undertake league matches of armour of a law,

on the press conference before contest, paris advocate handsome Tuheer to current and a lot of around undertook refuting a rumor in the negative news all round Paris. Speak of Neimaerfa country after the cup opinion on public affairs that go against team solidarity, tuheer states Neimaer should learn to speak in bathhouse piece, and when should not making public a circumstance to criticize a player to speak of Paris, tuheer states whole group likes a victory, but the player that detests failure is very little however, this is the place that needs improvement.

Paris was defeated by Wren in French cup final, lost this champion, it is at the same time in that match, end of Mu Ba Peigong card, and Neimaer also produced conflict with fan when end. Not only such, as in French cup lose a ball, concerned Tuheer is handsome a flabby information is much also rise.

To this Tuheer also undertook demonstrative: After be defeated by Wren, team bathhouse is very silent, everybody has communication rarely, I had not had been to bathhouse today, do not know particular case. Team injury? I am not quite clear also. My present target wins this sports season the rest namely all matches, this also is the best means that examines to finishing sports season.

The future of the player? I can make a few decisions, we preceded adversary is defeated below Wren's circumstance in 2-0, be opposite in Ou Guan before also is such when Zhan Manlian, experienced such competition, the self-confident heart of team can get for certain everybody, I have a lot of things to need to think, and the decision of a few staff that this kind of result also can affect me to finish sports season. Winning Ou Guan is not easy thing, sa

w Youwentusi had not won Europe coronal championship 21 years (it is actually 23 years) . The race that loses graceful couplet is very big to our blow, we become a little dejected after wherefrom field match, team also appeared problem of a few injury. We won't put total energy in Ou Guanzhong for certain, team needs those who ponder over coronal is in Europe to lose a ball at present.

After French cup loses a ball, neimaer conveyed pair of team blast the dissatisfaction of middleaged small player, if he is not willing to listen to old team member to young player, feel indignant, even when the coach says also somebody interrupts. He hopes he ought to get more respect in team. To Neimaer this has the speech that caustic unites, say of graph conspicuous Er: I heard the word that Neimaer says, I feel to should not be under a public occasion say these words on the press conference especially. I think those who say is now, be in Paris blast in, some people like to win a ball, some people are detested lose a ball, every player likes a victory, but the player that detests failure is not much, and my hope Paris blast in can more player detests failure. At the same time I think to some of word should say on team interior conference, say in bathhouse, release a few opinion on public affairs publicly to won't make team becomes stronger. At the same time Neimaer and Mu Ba Pei also do not have any problems.

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