One allergy of Japanese male pat female athlete private parts to plan to escape secretly Korea is arrested

Bright and beautiful contest has life of optical 2019 administrative division not only news, still have scandal, a Japanese pats female athlete to the lower part of the body to be caught secretly active, although this Japan takes male plan secretly,escape Korea, but still had not escaped of Korea police chase, face the range criminal to accuse next, if accusation holds water, probable meeting is sentenced to imprison.

According to Korea media coverage, this month is in 14 days woman polo training fie

ld, this Japanese of 37 years old pats female athlete to the lower part of the body secretly, the result is discovered by the family of team member and be in call the police for a short while. According to police investigation, this Japanese female to 6 New Zealand will sensitive place undertakes the body film mainly, time reached 2 minutes of 2 seconds.

Besides do it to female water team member, 12 when this Japanese returns diving tower of pair of diving of go on an expedition take part in the match the player undertakes close-up films, film this time is longer, reached 13 minutes of 34 seconds. What must carry is, this is patted secretly male still apply DSLR photography skill to undertake stealing patting. If you think he just stems from curiosity to undertake stealing is afraid of off base, it is reported, this Japanese often releases a female in a website special place picture and video, and the controller that he is this website, see him be being patted secretly is purposeful behavior.

Because operate error to camera,be, bring about film carelessly the sportswoman is special place, but before evidence, his appear pale apologetically. And after patting equipment to be detained secretly, this person that pat secretly plans to escape Korea, nevertheless management board of Korea discrepancy condition and police are given out to this Japanese prohibit giving lens to make, be arrested finally by Korea police, be gone abroad by limitation.

According to Korea law, if discover foreign book suspect is possible abscond, can be in release limitation to leave the country for a short while your, accordingly, the person that Japan is patted secretly is successful without abscond. Steal the person that pat to Japan, korea police confirms had completed investigation, just suggest to check, put forward formally to sue to this Japanese. According to Korea law, the person that t

his Japan is patted secretly may is faced with be imprisoned 5 years below and 30 million Han Yuan amerce, of course, also do not eliminate Korea check to just be not sued, a Korea chases its drive after just fining.

Original title: Japan is abnormal male pat female athlete private parts to be arrested secretly fear be faced with 5 years to imprison responsibility to edit below: Li Xiaoling


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