Nuclear-powered submarine of collision of U.S. Army Nanhai " decollation " according to

Occupy website of American naval institute 15 days to report, a spokesman confirms b

eautiful navy, in the Kangniedige that Nanhai is damaged in collision accident date nuclear-powered submarine already left

the United States on the west dagger of alternate of coastal haven emperor, naval base pauses to undertake maintaining toward lay mines silent before.

Video cut pursues

After number of division of health Nie surname leaves Guam, sail a month, just will arrive at holy alternate dagger on December 12. This submarine damage is serious, and show according to the picture of newest exposure, the cover of sonar of Shou of a light boat of this submarine has been demolished completely, as decollationing.

Original title: In Nanhai " hit mountain " U.S. Army nuclear-powered submarine is high-definition " broken end " according to came responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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