Ni Xialian takes qualifications of next Tokyo Olympic Games career of personal details of data of individual of Ni summer lotus introduces

Ni Xialian takes qualifications of next Tokyo Olympic Games career of personal details of data of individual of Ni summer lotus introduces

One kind insists to be called a success, resemble the Ni Xialian that was born 1963, although the position cannot be acquired on intern

ational contest, but go all out in work after all as before, more the effort that still depends on oneself what is more,the rather that took qualification of Tokyo Olympic Games, such after all holding to that be worth our everybody the hand uses bit of support.

Europe carry meets before ping-pong female sheet 3 famous generals direct Tokyo Olympic Games, and the Ni Xialian of 56 years old of players that gives fight on behalf of Luxembourg advances triumphantly all the way, among them four-wheel hit bureau of decide the issue of the battle to just divide a victory or defeat, wash out Sizunkesi of player of number one seed, Romania a bureau. Semifinals 2 than 4 be defeated by Fu Yu, this means Ni Xialian to will be won with Yang Xiaoxin for do or die of the 3rd piece of entrance ticket, what the fact proves ginger is old still is hot, ni Xialian 4 than 2 take next opponent, open the entrance door of final examination of Tokyo Olympic Games smoothly also.

Indeed, ni Xialian is in east abstruse the possibility that takes medal is 0, but who can be close to a cycle of sixty years to year so strict requirement, to Ni Xialian, can be participated in even if win. Look from this angle, it is it may not be a bad idea of aunt of Ni summer lotus, be Ni Xialian grandma, want to this elder congratulate sb on a happy occasion, want to know, this is the arena that Ni Xialian enters Olympic Games ping-pong the 5th times.

Turn over Ni Xialian's personal details, entered national group 1979, win world ping to surpass female round champion, with Guo Yuehua the partner is taken mix Shuang Guiguan, still harvest female Shuang Yajun with Cao Yanhua collaboration. As young team member grow quickly, ni Xialian loses brunt seat, end national group career before long, to most team member, have the honor of world champion, completely OK and luxuriant face about goes enjoying the life, however Ni Xialian does not take common route, the choice is hit in Luxembourg go all out, everybody cannot think of, she is done obeisance to with velamen of additionally one kind of means.

2000 already Ni Xialian of 37 years old takes qualification of Sydney Olympic Games, adjacent not the dream of round end of the year Olympic Games of be puzzled, and push forward daughter is odd 16 strong, she sends irremediable after this, from 2008 Beijing makes an appointment with an Olympic Games to realize full attendence in 2016, take qualification of Tokyo Olympic Games nowadays, it is the 5th not only attend an Olympic Games, also be its give battle Olympic Games the 4th times continuously.

Still fight to the bitter end in competition ground when nearly 60 years old, take an Olympic Games to take part in the match even entrance ticket, such weighing it is worth while to be being participated in everybody uncover. Look into Tokyo Olympic Games, at the appointed time Ni Xialian of 57 years

old will continue to stand fast, it is veteran amaranthine example really, continue when legend, expect what we can do only, expect this veteran can be in next year east abstruse competition ground deduces He Weibao the knife is not old.

Original title: Be arrogant! 56 years old of Ni Xialian are direct east abstruse 5 battle Olympic Games is perfect explanation is veteran not dead responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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