More than at appearance: Black skin contracts blaze disease she proves beauty surmounts color of skin

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nal of center of news of the network austral Fujian more than at appearance: Does black skin contract blaze disease does she prove beauty surmounts: of origin of color of skin? ?2017-07-31 14:5 of huge rock of discharge  contraction4 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 31 outside intermediary report, woman of descendants of blame of American Louisiana city Jonson meets with because of black skin as a child scoff at, have because of sufferring from again when 25 years old articulatory model blaze disease and afraid meeting meets with because of 2 kinds of different complexion bully approach. Till 12 years hind, she just learns to accept her, understanding beauty is not so peripheral.

It is Jonson of 37 years old to say, she ever spent 1 hour of time to make up everyday, mask different complexion. She wants to commit suicide accordingly almost, but maintain for the child. She says when memory: "I very break down, the world collapse that feels me. The world collapse that feels me..

Data picture: Does Canada write a model lukewarm Ni? Be diagnose

d to go out when Harlow is 4 years old contract blaze disease. But she faces herself bravely, already became the cover young woman of magazine of Spanish fashionable dress nowadays.

Jonson says: "People can look at my hand, but do not want to touch me, also do not follow my handclasp. People is staring at me to look, say acerbity and inurbane word to me, and dot is afraid of me. And dot is afraid of me..

But she expresses now, love to differ with the person, this change basically comes from family support. She says: "My fiance tells me to must not make up again, no matter whether do I make up, he loves me. One day I awake see Harlow of · of lukewarm Ni of blaze female model (the photograph of Winnie Harlow) , I think: Day, she is really beautiful. She is really beautiful..

"She is having the skin disease with me, she embraces her beauty, so I think I also answer so do. So I think I also answer so do..

Jones says: "When I decide to make up no longer, my mom cried, she says she feels proud for me. My father and sister tell me, I am very beautiful. I am very beautiful..

"My children without giving thought to my skin how, they love me, because my this individual reachs my expression,be. They are my biggest proponents, encourage me to do myself, embrace oneself beauty. Embrace oneself beauty..

The report says, the whole world makes an appointment with the person of 1% to contract blaze disease only, resemble Jonson the number of disease of such blaze of advance gradually type is more exiguous. After she hopes she goes, can help someone else understand and accept this kind of disease.

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