Lithuanian premier thanks the United States " support "

After cooperating perfect country to provoke China, lithuania looked for the United States to support again.

Occupy British Reuter 21 days to report, lithuanian premier office makes a statement say, establish a premier to hope Mo Ni is the same as word of electrify of Lincoln of cloth of American Secretary of State 21 days especially, discussed the American support to Lithuania, in order to answer the economic pressure of alleged China.

Reuter reports cut pursues

Statement returns cite to hope claim if Mo Ni is special, important is, before economic pressure, the country of the have a common goal that respects international regulation must solidarity. Rare Mo Ni still attempts to help the group that help a tie especially, claim we must continue to be in European Union interior and mix with the United States imprint too the democratic country of the area shares information and coordinate the operation.

Lithuanian near future seeks support of

Bai Dengzheng government office again and again. This lunar the middle ten days of a month, lithuania is prevented grow to still run the United States, got praise face to face. When beautiful national defence grows Austin 13 days to recieve the Lithuania that call in to prevent long Anushaosikasi, big favor establishs a government the firm policy to China, flatter this country is beacon of alleged area democracy, the Russia in won't be being faced alone is challenged; In the meantime, brief ally of a gleam of to this north with Russia border on, austin acceptance sells Lithuania the weapon, both sides signs mutually beneficial matters pertaining to defense to purchase an agreement. By the Anushaosikasi of Dai Gao cap also applepolish of forget oneself ground says: The capital that handles free world personally is too good really.

Latter Lithuania provokes China often, bring about indifferent relation to worsen quickly, lithuania already savor a bitter pill to swallow. During Lancibeierjisi will reach Lithuanian Foreign Minister 25 days to visit the United States on November 23, when accepting the media such as Reuter, Afp to interview, ever said, since this country since announcing to will allow stage authorities to establish a delegate to be in with Taiwan name this summer, every other has enterprise of a Lithuania a few days to express, the business backwater that its are in China. Nevertheless, lithuanian government still obstinately stick to a wrong course, count on the alleged support of the respect such as the United States.

Be worth what carry is, lithuania is na

ked interference Taiwan problem, it is to cater to the United States. Zhao Lijian of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will express on the press conference on November 22, lithuania goes to today this one pace, it is apparently be moved by certain old national policy, but the interest that sacrificial is Lithuania. We appeal the world to go up other country sets out from beneficial of oneself root capital and profit, set out from international axiom and justice, not by certain big country wraps hold something under the arm, do not want the confrontation with meaningless be involved in.

Original title: Will add drama again! Lithuanian premier is begged to cloth Lincoln " support " , answer alleged " Chinese economy pressure " responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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