How times say to will meet with general Beijing desire " detailed chats " treaty of day Russia peace

Japanese premier installs times advance 30 days 3 to say, his next month will not with Russia president Lajimierpu Beijing meets, hope at the appointed time with general Beijing bat around two countries concludes and furring makes an appointment with matters concerned.

How times said in program of first gear of Japanese broadcasting station that day: General Beijing president has strong desire to solve domanial problem, conclude and smooth treaty. He admits at the same time, the Russian lives in controversy islands now, solve territorial dispute to have difficulty.

Japan and Russia heretofore did not conclude and furring is made an appointment with, northward conflict of 4 islands

territory is main reason. 4 islands point to north island of Kunashiri, lubricious red, Etorofu island and Habomai Zhu Dao, japan weighs northward territory, russia is called south 1000 islands archipelago.

These controversy islands are located in Japanese Hokkaido to add a peninsula with examine of north, Russia can with south namely south of 1000 islands archipelago, since the Second

World War ends, control by Russia and Russia in succession.

How times will meet in Singapore this year in November with general Beijing, decide according to " day Su Gong is the same as enunciative " accelerate process of negotiation of treaty of day Russia peace. Japan " morning sun news " with premier official mansions subsequently senior official reports for news source, how times tell general Beijing, call in after lubricious red island and Habomai Zhu Dao, day just won't allow an U.S. Army to build base over.

In program of newest broadcasting station, when be asked whether Japanese government is asked for so that American respect agrees with respect to afore-mentioned matters concerned, bring times answer: Return. (Zhang Jing) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

Original title: How times say to will meet with general Beijing desire " detailed chats " responsibility of treaty of day Russia peace edits: Zheng Lili


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