Heart of address of direct seeding of final of male single of 2019 lukewarm nets makes an appointment with Fei Dele of division dimension strange VS when to begin

VS cost heart straps Deyaokeweiji

: of direct seeding address? Direct seeding of CTV5 of – of  of Long You Kui enters the mouth) and end of CCTV sports client

Time: On July 14 21:00

Semifinal of male single of 2019 lukewarm nets, although Agute goes all out,do his best, wei Ji of Dan Deyao division showed powerful actual strength and psychological quality, pass hassle finally, small favor 3-1(6-2/4-6/6-3/

6-2) beats Spanish player Agute, hit into career final of male single of the 6th lukewarm net, will initiate concussion to champion of the 5th male single!

Semifinal of another male single expends 2019 lukewarm nets the 40th times accept just ends definitely, feideledi grabs 7 triumph one dish, final with 3 than 1 (7-6, 1-6, 6-3, 6-4) beat Nadaer, career promotes the 12nd times lukewarm net final! Cost heart is strapped in the record of fight hand to hand two people to adapt for 16 than 24 while, obtained Er is amounted to to accept in lukewarm net 3 get the better of 1 nega

tive military successes, also chase after made the same score Nadaer to be in same a record that vole match rushs into finals 12 times! The 5th promotion is lukewarm after Fei Dele is 30 years old net final, after 11 years are being lain between when, he proved himself again still is club of Quan Yingcao ground the Wang Zhe of the be worthy of on field of this green mattress! The adversary of Fei Dele final is the Deyaokeweiji that already took the lead in promoting! Two people will be greeted right definitely! Fei Dele sides with him career the 21st vole continues to advance!

Relevant news

London of Xinhua News Agency on July 12 report (reporter prince river) Jiaokeweiji is in Wei Mian champion 12 days lukewarm Boer enter open contest in the first semifinal, with 3:1Agute of conquer Spain player, the enters this vole contest the 7th times final in professional career.

The adversary of strange final of anxious division dimension will be between Feidele and Nadaer generation, this means the adversary of final of lukewarm net male single the 7th times to undertake between 3 tycoons, also be from anxious 2015 Keweiji conquer cost heart carves the first time since gaining the championship. 3 tycoons add up altogether won championship of 14 lukewarm nets, among them cost heart straps coronate, Nadaer 8 times twice to gain the championship, jiaokeweiji ascends a top 4 times.

This is Jiaokeweiji and the Agutedi that the world ranks the 22nd 11 engage in a battle, the Jiaokeweiji before this with 7 get the better of 3 negative take actor, but this year two people two engage in a battle, jiaokeweiji is failure end, because this is full of this to also inviting an audience definitely,expect.

First dishes of match, jiaokeweiji is very fast of shatter the other side serve bureau, give adversary the chance rarely, with 6: 2 triumph. The 2nd dish of match, enter vole first 4 strong Agute is hit more dovishly, his shatter serve the 2nd times of Jiaokeweiji bureau, with 3:1Obtain banner, backward Jiaokeweiji faces pressure error to increase, finally with 4: 6 lose this dish.

But next Jiaokeweiji controls match rhythm afresh, with 6:3, 6:2Issue two dishes repeatedly, promote the 25th times 4 vole surpass finals.

Male single final will be held 14 days afternoon local time.

Original title: Jiaokeweiji beats Agutedi 7 times to enter responsibility of lukewarm net final to edit: Zheng Lili


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