Graceful city Wei Mianying exceeds champion to admit Liverpudlian very strong score is only poor one minute

In the sports season that just ends, graceful city with 1 minute of advantages, force pressing is Liverpudlian carry off Yingchao champion. Melon Diaola thinks, be Liverpudlian existence, just let graceful city this champion is more significant.

Diaola expresses melon: Ying Chao is final 14 rounds of matches, we were obtained get the better of completely, if lose cent,we know at that time, even if be play away among them, we take champion very hard. I think to because have one,raise such strong Liverpudlian presence just about, just let us make better group, my 100 percent conv

iction this.

Our champion title, depend on the quality of adversary, formidable opponent, can make champion more significant, and I cannot f

ind Billie the adversary of content Pu Gengjiang.

Original title: Melon is handsome: Liverpudlian let gain the championship adversary of need of more significant champion foils responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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