Germany holds the post of Ci of Er of premier new moon newly to be spent to silent Ke Erxian

Berlin of Xinhua News Agency on December 8 report (reporter Gu Ziyi) Ci of Er of Ao Lafu new moon is elected 8 days new allow after German premier, have sex formally with Mokeer.

That day, new prime minister of vote of German federal parliament, ci of new moon Er obtains 395 bank notes, prep above is elected as a number wanting a bill. Ci of new moon Er and 16 ministerial members all are in the presidential government office that is located in Berlin accepts presidenti

al Frank - the appoint book that Waerteshitaiyin strides Er to issue, make a pledge to assume office.

Ci of new moon Er heads for premier government office later on, have sex formally with Mokeer. In hand over ceremonially, mokeer expresses congratulation to Ci of new moon Er, wish Ci of new moon Er and his group is at the helm of the state successful. The

bouquet on Ke Erxian of Ci Xiangmo of new moon Er, thank Mokeer to be in office 16 years makes contribution, thank her to help a country overshoot the crisis. Ci of new moon Er expresses, current new coronal epidemic situation is serious, new government needs to meet a lot of challenges, he already ready-made.

German federal parliament shares 736 seat in a legislature at present, the social the Democratic Party that Ci of new moon Er leads (company civilian party) , green party and free the Democratic Party (from civilian party) be in office alliance holds 416 seat in a legislature. Company civilian party, green party and start negotiation of associated form a cabinet formally in October from civilian party, with respect to combination agreement of form a cabinet will be reached on November 24 consistent, agreement of associated form a cabinet will be signed formally in Berlin on December 7.

Ci of new moon Er was born in Germany 1958 family of a worker of city of gram of Lv of cloth of abstruse Si Na, young period joins company civilian party, ever held the post of minister of hamburger mayor, finance and Vice Prime Minister to wait for a post.

Original title: Ci of new moon Er is elected as German premier and Mokeer to hand over responsibility formally to edit: Ceng Shaolin


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