Female team of China of total final of world cup glacial crock is defeated Canada experience head is defeated

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f 2018-2019 world crock that undertakes in Beijing puts total final of crock world cup on the ice the 2nd match is meridian, chinese woman puts bottle gang on the ice 1: 4 not enemy powerful group Canada team, experience head is defeated.

Regard an Olympic Games as champion, actual strength of Canadian female group is driving. Match of before two bureaus, bilateral strategy is given priority to with defending, canada attacks actual strength formidably without what show his, the processing of Chinese team is relatively careful also. After two bureaus match ends, both sides all can not gain a mark.

In the match of the 3rd bureau, canadian team begins to use the dominant position of experience, the area in be being used ceaselessly stands make menace to Chinese team. But the girls of Chinese team are none flurried, dissolve the crisis through all sorts of proper processing, both sides continues each other hand in a blank examination paper.

The 4th bureau, canadian team shows a powerful actual strength, the contest experience with substantial support and actual strength use defensive position advantage to took the lead in taking 2 minutes. Team of China of the 5th bureau spreads out strike back, rely on captain Jiang Yi human relations is in 4 bagger a wonderful Shuang Fei, get each other the Qing Dynasty that divide crock to give base camp to pull answer a minute, the score on field becomes 2: 1.

In subsequently match, c

anadian team shows the actual strength that gives Olympic Games championship gradually. They are in from the back in the match get dichotomy again, final with 4: Female team of 1 conquer China.

Original title: Put total final of crock world cup on the ice: 1:4 of Chinese female teamNot enemy Canadian responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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