European Union of indulge in wilful persecution of multilateral hill fire starts European mainland help mechanism put out a fire

In report will occupy new network on July 28 France " European times " report, busy season of duration midsummer travel, europe is multilateral suffer bush fire menace one after another however, southeastern forest conflagration gobbles up France forest land of on 1000 hectare, portuguese in recrudesce of upper forest conflagration, car building is ignited. The condition is critical, the European Union starts assistance mechanism.

European mainland is in on fire more

European mainland begins to enter travel peak period from July, a lot of people can go outdoors or silvan amuse oneself, but a little popular tourist attraction appears however igneous affection.

On July 16, keluodeyadi 2 big

cities the village appears more than cases 10 in succession near Sipulite bush fire; Conflagration of bordered forest of black hill republic also forces about a hundred to camp the guest withdraws Lu Sidi to block a peninsula; The loose woods that lively park manages outside city of Italian capital Rome also appears igneous affection.

This week, france is southeastern and island of division Xi Jia produces serious fire many cases. French government already dispatched more than 4000 fireman and military put out a fire. In the meantime, still plane of 19 fire control cooperates to be in sky aspersion.

French government expresses, since conflagration erupts 24 days oneself, already caused at least 12 fireman to get hurt, 15 fuzz are hurt because of inspiratory smother choke. Be worth holiday season now, conflagration has gobbled up mediterranean coastal, inland is a mountainous area with Kexijia the island makes an appointment with 4000 hectare forest land.

French south is scattered more than 10000 peoples

French government expresses 26 days, be in the southern area of fire of pair of forest of dimensions of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College, erupt again a new bush fire, have 12000 peoples about by the same night scattered. As a result of blast along with dry weather makes circumstance doubly dangerous, french government has requested European Union assistance 25 days to put out already the bush fire that burn down manages forest land more.

According to European Union message, italy already sent machine rush to the rescue. Occupy a story additionally, be in charge of putting out city of French southeast ministry the fire control official of conflagration says near Boermolemimosa, spread as igneous situation, have 10 thousand people at least scattered.

Portuguese in recrudesce of upper Lin Huo

Portuguese in upper zone also produces silvan conflagration 23 days again, igneous affection is in 24 days of all the more are austere. The weather of ham area blast and high temperature more the difficulty that increased put out a fire.

According to 26 days of reports, share about 1700 firemen and plane of 17 fire control to participate in Portuguese put out a fire to work. The report still says, the Ma Kao city of 200 kilometers is encountering Portuguese Lisbon north the most serious fire. This city mayor expresses, local farmer suffers huge loss. It is reported, the Portuguese land of 70% is encountering strong drought is perplexed.

The tower of the small Er that press down a place of strategic importance that this silvan conflagration begins the earliest to make an appointment with 200 kilometers at be apart from Portuguese capital Lisbon, subsequently conflagration grow like a weed comes adjacent a

rea. Portuguese annual the summer is invaded easily by silvan fire. This year in June, the silvan fire that ridge area produces Portuguese mid Dapeideluo brings about forest of 40 thousand hectare to be destroyed, at least 64 people die, hundreds person is injured.

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