Europe " poisonous egg " does disturbance ferment Holand hides the truth from a newspaper intentionally?

Europe is multilateral and latter expose to the sun scandal of egg giving poison, be troubled by bubbling with noisely temporarily. De Nidi of Belgian agriculture secretary blocks Mu 9 days to explode makings say, holand authorities is in early will exceed mark be related with respect to fish egg poison last year in November, hide the truth from a newspaper intentionally however up to now.

The risk of the cause and effect around poisonous egg incident, existence, suffer influence circumstance and food safety branch why to act logy, belgian respect already launched probe, the country such as England, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland pays close attention to closely also.

[affect multilateral]

In disturbance of this second poison egg, holand gets egg exit big country the impact is the biggest. Since exposure of the scandal at the beginning of this month, holand government already gave orders each are big the supermarket lays the egg that wear poison in great quantities, appeal the people throws away the likelihood has the egg of the problem rapidly.

Belgium detects in succession from the last ten-day of a month in July fluorine bug nitrile is contained in giving a large number of eggs, immediately make known to lower levels bans carry out to make. According to associated press report, in the egg that Belgium detects, put in fluorine bug nitrile to transcend the problem of mark entirely almost. Among them the egg that an enterprise supplies detects at first amount to mark, but detect 2 times nitrile of indication fluorine bug exceeds bid.

In addition, the European country such as England, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland all exposes to the sun scandal of egg giving poison, wear below the egg of large quantities of quantities for a short while, several with 1 million plan chicken is afraid will attack kill.

Belgian agriculture secretary discloses when the relevant hearing that confederative parliament of 9 sunrise seat holds Dikamu, file of archives of a Holand shows, holand government is early by November 2016 the problem that is aware to egg fluorine bug nitrile exceeds bid, did not report this matter to European other country however. Dikamu already department of contact Holand agriculture, demand the other side gives out explanation.

Holand authorities has shut 138 fowl-run temporarily, had done attack fight the preparation to 1 million a few chicken.

Afp report, poisonous egg disturbance occupies letter traceable a Holand enterprise that the name is Chickfriend uses some kind of insecticide to be birds kind except cootie. A lawyer says, this kind of insecticide is by Belgian company Poultry-Vision sale gives Chickfriend, but did not divulge Belgian company acquires this product from where.

French government expresses, one domestic Belgium interfuse of nitrile of bug of enterprise general fluorine in another lawful insecticide, use Yu Qin next kind

except cootie, cause this problem. But the name that French respect did not publish this Belgian company.

Fluorine bug nitrile can exterminate flea, mite and cootie, be labelled by World Health Organization the chemical that noxiousness spends in having to the mankind. European Union law sets, fluorine bug nitrile must not be used at the cultivate birds in catenary of human food industry. Current, belgium and Holand already started criminal to investigate to poisonous egg incident. (Yang Shuyi)

(Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Europe " poisonous egg " does disturbance ferment Holand hides the truth from a newspaper intentionally? Responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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