Day TV station uncovers netizen of day of 731 army crime oneself: More horrible than demon

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Late on August 13, japanese NHK TV station broadcasted first gear name is " of 731 army true " special program, took an audience to approach on this mankind history the most large-scale, most the bacterial battle of inhuman research center, the most very cruel Asia canto in history of straight face World War II.

731 army are China the Japanese Invading Army pursues battle of biological warfare, bacterium during the War of Resistance Against Japan the generation of the unit of secret war medical treatment that studies related research and human body experiment says, headquarters base is located in area of Harbin town one-storey house. The data shows, in many 3000 Chinese and Muscovite experiment with human body in 731 army bacterium, die.

731 army (picture origin: NHK video cut pursues)

This, NHK TV station was obtained from Russia former of 731 unit member admit one's guilt recording. These members are in mostly 1945 by capture of Russia Red Army, be locked up S

iberia, in Habaluofusike judgement was accepted on the court.

The recording that is as long as 20 hours, recorded member of 731 army core in detail with in Russian capital punishment makes as experimental data, undertake bacterial enginery develops historical fact of the experiment. This among them, already those who close head of a dep

artment of Dong Junjun cure admit his guilt, also what enlist the surgeon of killing Chinese and Muscovite and soldier with one's own hands admit his guilt.

Up to now, we discover data of a few characters only, amount to 20 hours nowadays admit one's guilt recording, complete ground is reductive in those days the violence of 731 army, really commendable!

Be as long as 20 hours admit one's guilt recording, complete ground is reductive in those days the violence of 731 army. (picture origin: NHK video cut pursues)

The program still is passed interview in those days 731 army are veteran, show hundreds history data and share in those days newsreel, true the fierce and cruel move that disclosed 731 army inhuman.

After the program broadcasts, intense echo was caused in Japan. The Japanese netizen be filled with indignation of a lot of justice, sound in succession condemnation in those days the violence of the Japanese army.

Also a lot of netizen appeals want to had saved these histories for the descendants, let more people see.

1945 today, japanese the emperor of Japan makes rich benevolence broadcast " armistice imperial edict " , announce Japanese surrender at discretion, will make the be defeated day of Japanese World War II on August 15. Although had gone 72 years, but the massive harm that that war causes, still let a person cannot forget up to now. NHK TV station is in Japan be defeated day during broadcast " of 731 army true " special subject program, also make us new ponder the historical implied meaning of 8.15. With forget and crammer antagonism, making the real task that Japanese society must face.

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