Day new edition defends white paper is advertised " China is minatory " Tibet of An Beiye heart does not live!

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Xinhua net Beijing on August 10 report (Zhang Tianyu Shenyang puts clean on the ice) Japanese government holds ministerial meeting 8 days, approve 2017 edition " defensive white paper " . White paper advertises Chinese menace to talk, to install dilate of times government continuance the gender defends policy endorses.

To this, abroad hands in ministerial Wang Yi to express in: Japan is harp on the same string.

What hackneyed theme did Japan play again?

Just when national defence builds absurd to add a comment,new edition white paper is mixed to activity of groovy military affairs, to training of Chinese naval routine, sea alarm maritime space of boat cruise Diaoyu Island, just when behavior is wanton and ill-natured,wait in establishment of defense of land of deploy of The Nansha Islands, activity of threaten China naval assumes liability of broaden the scope.

In expert of problem of researcher of research center of problem of world of Xinhua News Agency, Japan Zhang Huanli looks, this Japan harp on the same string, place one lot old branny sodden cereal, because be not taken,be give more evidence to prove Chinese menace is talked. However, although harp on the same string, china needs to raise vigilance more however.

Length of experience China part had new edition white book 2016 relatively add without decrease, tell more

finely on the foundation of hackneyed theme more, farther apply colours to a drawing China is minatory. Japanese view, it is the training of groovy military affairs that is in ill-natured China, a sham battle actually, include Chinese navy to go the cruise of Diaoyu Island is waited a moment. Diaoyu Island is China from of old inherent territory, practice as good as of Japan cheats world public opinion then, conversed history is black and white.

In new edition white paper, new security law becomes an order independently again, specific introducing the new job that the militia after new security law is carried out extends, include team of peace keeping of the Sudan austral militia of Japan of lift a ban to begin activity of bodyguard of rush to the rescue to wait. Afterwar, japanese militia gets all the time constitution the 9th tie. Although constitution did not change, dan Xinan defends law lift a ban collective defend oneself counterpoises, gave militia to have self-defensive basis with aggression sex weapon.

Zhang Huanli thinks, from go up century at the beginning of 90 time, the name that Japan acts with attending U.N. peace keeping, armed militia is sent outside beginning Xiang Hai. Up to now, cloth of much ground of alive already bound has Japan the force that carries a weapon. Theoretic and character, japanese militia can be in world any place exercise armed strength.

Additional, white paper is mentioned, day beauty is the foundation that Japanese safety ensures federally, in Japanese safety the setting with safeguard even more austere environment falls, aggrandizement day beauty becomes more important federally.

With respect to Japanese respect character, issue of aggrandizement day U.S. Army is federal, it is to expand the martial power of oneself. Japan is excuse with protecting American army, can enlarge the dimensions of militia further. Actually, nowadays, no matter Japan is onshore, maritime militia still is in sky, already brazenly ground walked out of Japan door. The couplet costar since this year reviews, especially the maneuver that beautiful day imprints on the indian ocean, made clear this clearly.

Employ the legitimate right of martial method external to allow Japanese recovery, how times regain position of Japanese normal country in seek from beginning to end, revise the peaceful constitution that American dominant drafts for this need, change United States is restrained to his.

To divert the attention of the United States

and Japanese home, install times government to need a target since vertical stroke, deliberately plan then, recriminate, aim spearhead China. Minatory no more than of so called China is to try in vain to revive the cover of Japanese militarism, install the ambition Tibet of times to also do not hide!

Original title: Day new edition defends white paper is advertised " China is minatory " Tibet of An Beiye heart does not live! Responsibility edits: Read related Ceng Shaolin: Is Chinese passport returned to 100% " is China made " does than the more powerful 2017-08-03 that you imagine wages rise this year how many? Are 9 province released be 2017-08-04 of salary guidance line Nazi saluted 2017 or sentenced? Good for you, contraindication swims to cannot not know outside these conditions! Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-08-08 news recreation

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