Cloth of Yi of beautiful duty couplet carries a ball to cross 2 people begin the 8th minute to break even with world wave score

Beijing time on July 20, assume personal command of the Milky Way of los angeles of battle of focus of beautiful duty couplet advocate meet los angeles FC head-on. Begin only 4 minutes, shellfish pulls the burst open the door that order a ball to unplug for los angeles FC the head prepares first. The 8th minute, wave of world of day of Yi cloth Ji

ng breaks even score.

Receive teammate to grow pass, yi cloth cover places to carry a ball easily to 2 people bag outstanding, hold up of the instep outside take advantage of an opportunity is shot,

Mood of cloth of the Yi after the goal is very excited, pouring word of rubbish of adversary mad gush. He ever was made public before contest express, oneself are far strong the shellfish of n/COL the head of a family star of FC of Yu Luosha Ji is pulled, but did not think of latter takes the lead in excommunicate. Think in people Yi Bu wants the f

ace that be hit when, give the goal that uses this wonderful unsurpassed first greatly, the person that lets waiting to see his joke shut up.

Original title: Handsome blast! Yi Bu carries a ball to pass 2 people, instep hold up gives super world wave outside! Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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