China talks with Nigaragua government delegation 2021 Taiwan " diplomatic relations country " list schedule is newest

According to message of small gain of government of Xinhua News Agency, on December 10 morning, china holds a talk in Tianjin with Nigaragua government delegation.

Carry a message additionally according to CCTV news client, nigaragua Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes a statement 9 days afternoon, announce to break off foreign relations with Taiwan.

Statement says, there is a China only on the world, people's Republic of China is the exclusive and legitimate government that represents China, taiwan is Chinese territory impartible cut one share. Nigaragua stops all contacts with Taiwan and official connection from the foreign relations of the discontinuity since this day and Taiwan.

Announce to break off a friendship

with Taiwan in Nigaragua government hind, chinese permanent U.N. is in on behalf of Zhang Jun gregarious website dispatch, admiring Nigaragua government decides to comply with general trends, accord with common feelings of people.

Zhang Jun expresses in article, nigaragua government made comply with the general trends, right make a decision accord with common feelings of people, we state height is admiring. Principle of a China is international society general consensus, not allow to challenge!

Simple table of name of country of Taiwan diplomatic relations is newest 2021

Carry a story additionally according to Beijing daily client, after Nigaragua and Taiwan break off a friendship, country of Taiwan diploma

tic relations only remnant 14, it is Nauru, handkerchief fatigue, Tuvalu, Mashaoer respectively archipelago, Belize, Shengwensente and Gelinnadingsi, Guatemala, Haitian, Honduras, Paraguay, Saint Lucia, .

Original title: China holds talk responsibility to edit in Tianjin with Nigaragua government delegation: Ceng Shaolin


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