Beijing head steel is right blast north accuses battle array of both sides of entrance of address of time of male basket direct seeding to be at war historical data analysis

Beijing head steel is right blast north accuses battle array of both sides of entrance of address of time of male basket direct seeding to be at war historical data analysis

Beijing time is late on November 20, CBA convention surpasses the heart that receives a fetching attention the 7th round to compare big fight, beijing team advocate meet north head-on to accuse a group. This is Mabuli with team advocate handsome identity is opposite first a Beijing, also be Sun Yue turns after meeting north accuses first the fight hand to hand with old boss, the collision between both sides will be spurt scintilla.

Watch battle guideline:

Be opposite a both sides: North of Beijing team VS accuses a group

Time of fight hand to hand: On November 20 19 when 35 minutes

Than competition ground house: Beijing Kaidilake center

Television relay: Http:// ? Spm=C28340.PTEIZZ4GiRby.S13356.28

Bilateral recent situation:

Field of on Beijing team one round of guest challenges Jiangsu team, although Fang Shuo stops contest, Zhu Yan,hurt with Liu Xiao Yu on the west stop, but adversary Jiangsu team has only foreign aid to give fight only. Jiangsu group contended by debtor field advantage and Beijing team between two half, the 3rd second half paragraph Beijing team pulls open minute of difference. End of brave brightness aggression behaves Di Xiaochuan and king active, lin Shuhao is broken through time and again make kill and wound. Jiangsu of beat easily of final Beijing 100-91, with 5 get the better of a list of names posted up of integral of 1 negative rank the 3rd.

North accuses a group on one round advocate meet wide mansion team head-on, the heart in law of foreign aids of planted agent of the other side receives a show. Before two bilateral contention are intense, score rises alternately, half of a game or contest ends north to accuse backward opponent 2 minutes. Yi Bian is again afterwar, north accuses a group 3 foreign aids begin hair power, sun Yue also is

in attack and defence two end are built ceaselessly result, final north accuses with 105-86 conquer wide mansion, win 4 Lian Sheng.

Core is right definitely:

Sun Yue of Lin Shuhao VS

Because go up of a Liu Xiaoyu and square large be short of blast, lin Shuhao is the full back line that opens Beijing line alone almost. Although whole field is stared at by adversary rigor,prevent only 14 is cast 6 in, dan Linshu a person of extraordinary powers builds the other side 15 times to foul however, killed and wound adversary successfully. New sports season begins up to now, lin Shuhao's field all is behaved for 6.3 secondary attack of 26 minutes of 6 backboard 1.8 grab, hit the target besides 3 minutes rate still pay no attention to want to be only 25.9% , other side he all produced main effect in Beijing team.

An expression is efficient, 6 cast 5 in take below 15 minutes of 3 secondary attack 2 backboard 2 grab. The play of minor details match especially outstanding, contribution is grabbed 7 minutes with 2, finally 1 minute of 30 seconds are badge of hematic cap Sun Ming more strike back. Sun Yue is behaved in what attack and defence two end are having all-round, he is compared in Beijing heart old boss is faced in battle, the value that proves oneself with actual performance.

History of fight hand to hand:

On two teams history in all fight hand to hand 10, beijing team is obtained 7 get the better of 3 negative, north accuses a team 3 times to win victory all is in oneself advocate obtain. Sports season convention surpasses figh

t hand to hand 2 times on, both sides is in severally advocate battle of field get victory became deuce.

Predicting both sides sends first:

Beijing: Lin Shuhao, Zhang Zhuo, Wang Xiao brightness, Di Xiaochuan, Daruike - add Buddhist nun blame

North accuses: Princely luck, Sang Ni, Sun Yue, Wang Shaojie, not case

Original title: Before look up: ? When next whetstone award of stupid faint be soiled does this? grandson Yue meet old advocate Yangweidebi? Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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