Beautiful academy dean reiterates " Wuhan truth "

I am very sorry really, lab leak let so much person be disturbed. Frankly speaking, we still do not know (any evidence) .

Local time 19 days, be about to the Fulangxisikelinsi of dean of academy of American country sanitation of leave one's post (Francis Collins) receive those who get Fox news to interview, he of the last day before leave one's post says frankly, without evidence leak of supportive Wuhan lab says.

Unless China decides to publish the business that they had not done at all, otherwise we won't know. He reiterates, (lab leak says) this is a tremendous interference to scientific group.

Fox news network reports cut pursues

Collins is geneticist and physician, 2009, aobama of Ren Mei's president appoints him to be national sanitation academy when (Dean NIH) .

Going up of weekday in interviewing, collins insists to think, about problem of origin of new coronal virus, the most logical explanation is virus infects the mankind through the animal. The public figure of most division academia that includes me inside thinks, more likely is a kind of natural way: Virus leaves bat, the likelihood transmits the mankind through

other species.

Collins accepts Fox news network to interview. Video cut pursues

New coronal virus traces to the source on the problem, american media and politician acclaim leak of lab of new coronal virus to talk continuously, cause international division academia to oppugn. In fact, the world defends an organization to already released China formally in Geneva on March 30, 2021 - the world defends virus of constituent new coronal to trace to the source to study a report jointly. The report thinks, new coronal virus sends a person extremely impossibly through the lab. But the sound of scientific group fails to prevent make use of a subject to elaborate one's own ideas of politician of partial United States, do to China guilty and illative.

This year in July, united States Congress traces to the source with respect to new coronal epidemic situation again the problem holds a hearing, paul of assemblyman of Kentucky republican dangshen acclaims academy of American country sanitation to aid financially Wuhan to undertake the function obtains research, hypersensitive to American country with Anthony of contagion institute director Fu Ji sets next language trap, dark the statement that shows Fu Ji funds research about denying before this is to lying.

In April, express in the email that Collins is keeping the person such as Fu Ji, about the view of leak of lab of Wuhan of new coronal virus, it is a plot. But after this mail is obtained by website of American BuzzFeed News, the person such as Collins is atttacked by American right-wing force and media however, call them the theory of lab of Wuhan of traceable of virus of intended desalt new coronal. At this late hour, the shift of a beautiful countryman that near future of Fox news network reports shows, the American that still has 72% believes new coronal virus from Wuhan lab leak.

The leak of lab of Wuhan of new coronal virus that American politician acclaims repeatedly, so that for many times give the show away. This year August, outside Boule of United States Congress appoint Mai Kaoer of chief of can republic party publishs the findings report that is aimed at Wuhan virus institute, with project funds exorbitant for institute of doubt Wuhan virus is unusual, but actual it is he made a mistake decimally, the expenditure that will transform central air conditioning is 1000 times more exaggerated. The report is returned Wuhan virus institute other 6 projects funds is 100 times more exaggerated or 10 times.

To this, on the press conference of routine of Ministry of Foreign Affairs August 26, spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs barks Wen Bin points out, this shows the view of virus of leak of beautiful square alleged lab is far from authentic again, of the basis is the information of a few false mistakes and data. This also makes clear again trace to the source ought not to be changed by politics, scientific question should give the scientist goes considering, is not by politician or information branch will operate.

On December 19 in interviewing, collins says frankly: Do not know why, we the viewpoint that this country was immersed in politics of a kind of extreme to change, this kind of viewpoint this not should with communal and wholesome confuse sth with sth else. This is annihilative, those continue to disperse attention the person on plot and apparently false thing, the history will have severe trial to them. We should feel ashamed, because we were immersed in this kind of predicament.

Be worth what carry is, american Boule is new coronal crisis is special subcommittee last week 5 announced an email, the group immunity strategy that subtense of the Collins in mail advocates along epidemiology home place expresses care greatly, appeal the expert that announces strategy of immunity of 3 promotion group quickly. After this Collins enters media head.

Collins weekday expresses: I write this, my meeting importunate. Basically, these brim epidemiology homes do n

ot have a qualification to make such statement they claim indulge virus travels in the crowd, final everybody can affect new coronal, and all metropolises became good. He expresses, if we follow this one strategy, still will have death of several 100 thousand people.

Recently, accumulative total of American new coronal affects a number to already exceeded 50 million, dead Yu Xinguan of 800 thousand person is pneumonic. (this base)

Original title: Lieutenancy the last day, he reiterates " Wuhan truth " responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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