American new coronal is pneumonic diagnose 49.87 million 20 much cities appear Aomike armies

The global new coronal that writings brush according to the United States the university releases Sihuopujinsi about is pneumonic data system of real time statistic, up to time of American the eastpart part on December 11, 2021 afternoon at 6 o'clock, complete beauty reports new coronal is pneumonic in all diagnose 49874867, die 797121. Made an appointment with 24 hours in the past, the United States adds diagnose newly 99246, increase death newly 906.

" new York Times " report, american disease accuses a center to express, will come 8 days on December 1, the United States had 22 cities to report 43 Aomike army poisonous individual plant affec

ts case of illness. And basis " new York Times " statistic, the United States already had 27 cities to appear Aomike armies poisonous individual plant affects case of illness.

American disease accuses central dire

ctor Walunsiji to express, day of 7 days of United States all added diagnose case of illness newly to grow 37% in the past, day all dies case of illness rises 28% .

Original title: American new coronal is pneumonic diagnose 49.87 million, 20 much cities appear Aomike armies responsibility edits: Fang Di


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