American day adds diagnose nearly 200 thousand even more 600 Christmases airliner cancels

According to coverage of American Chinese network, recently, new coronal virus Aomike armies poisonous individual plant travels quickly in the United States. Local time 24 days, in christmas night before last, quan Meichao crosses 600 airliners to be cancelled.

According to the report, data shows, up to local time 24 days afternoon, the flight number that shares United States of flight number of home of 625 United States and pass in and out is cancelled, more than 2100 airliners meet with incur loss through delay.

Among them, beautiful couplet boat had cancelled 190 scheduled flights that day, 10% what take its transport power.

Beautiful couplet boat expresses in a statement, this week, aomike armies case of illness is inside countrywide limit

s increase sharply, produced immediate effect to our unit staff and operation personnel. Accordingly, we must cancel a few scheduled flights, inform them before the passenger that suffers an effect reachs the airport.

In addition, da Meihang also cancelled 166 scheduled flights of 24 days for nothing, 8% what take its transport power. This airline expresses, as a result of,the airliner cancels is a series of problems, include but not the soup with certain potential zone mixes be confined to Aomike armies be affected varietally.

According to the United States the real time of the university counts Yaohansihuopujinsi according to, up to the United States east time 24 days 16 when 21 minutes, before the United States compares 24 hours add diagnose case newly 193813, accumulative total diagnose exceeds 51.91 million; Add dead case of

illness newly 2567, accumulative total death evens more 816 thousand.

Original title: Day adds diagnose nearly 200 thousand United States even more 600 Christmases airliner cancels responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling


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