Accept amounts to Er the arm of the law the 12nd times to gain the championship vole is added reach 18 or can overtake Feidele

Accept amounts to Er the arm of the law the 12nd times to gain the championship vole is added reach 18 or can overtake Feidele

Nadaer is holding firelock hand cup in both hands muse, bright smile is shown on the face, hold in both hands like first time the cup is same. Yesterday morning ends the arm of the law made public contest 2019, nadaer 3 than 1 conquer Dimudi gains the championship 12 times, he is not had as before in the regnant force of laterite field but shake. In the meantime, champion of be linked together adds Nadaerdaman reach 18, saw those who overtake Feidele again likelihood.

Achievement takes champion of 12 the arm of the law 15 years

The offer that iron makes amounts to Er, the adversary of running water, this is final of male single of the arm of the law ten years those who come is thematic. Mu of the base of a fruit can wash out Deyaokeweiji to already was belonged to not easy, but finals is hit to distrustful life by Nadaer however.

Compare last year, no matter Mu of the base of a fruit is technology or state of mind matured a lot of, he made many troubles two dishes to Nadaer for a time afore. Want Nadaer to be tightened a little only nevertheless, mu of the base of a fruit is devoid method. Desertion the 2nd dish hind, nadaerdi comes up 3 dishes to connect 11 minutes, two dishes of matches let Mu of the base of a fruit take pitiful two bureaus only finally.

2005, nadaerdi of 18 years old attends the arm of the law to carry off champion, after this sends irremediable, 12 champion were taken inside 15 years. After Mu of conquer the base of a fruit, nadaer took him to be in Luo Lan - pot of the 12nd champion, surmount Margaret at this point - one's deceased father special (11 bay nets) become history go up to gain the championship in individual vole the player with maximum number. In addition, nadaer still makes open competition period the player that the 4th potential energy takes 4 vole after 30 years old, before this 3 people are to agree respectively - Luosiweier, Lord - Lawoer and Roger - Feidele.

Outer bound looks, firelock hand cup still is cup of that firelock hand. But to Nadaer character, pot of these 12 champion every different. Nadaer also spoke of the first champion was mixed 2005 this year of this champion different, the feeling belongs to here with respect to the lifetime that resembles me (the arm of the law) , but still pr

oduced a lot of changes apparently. Gain the championship to make a person use a facial expression really for the first time, it is first time then after all. Now is massive contented mo

ve and happy feeling.

Look into surmounting Feidele is not to do not have a likelihood

From 2017 bay net begins, 3 tycoons already forestall recently 10 vole, expend heart Le Hede to made an appointment with Keweiji to take 3 each among them, nadaer took 4. At this point, vole number of Nadaer also is added reach 18, heart of so impendent cost carves first time (20) , history go up recrudesce of optimal be concerned about.

This year semifinal of the arm of the law, nadaer blocks Feidele outside finals again. Be in only the arm of the law, nadaer is maintaining pair of Feidele 6 get the better of 0 negative very combat gains. Look in a lot of people, if not be Nadaer, vole number of Fei Dele already exceeded 25 probably; Likewise also sound thinks, if not be Nadaer's drive, fei Dele won't have 20 vole possibly now.

After winning the arm of the law the 12nd times, nadaer increases vole number reach 18, the vole number that forces oneself and cost heart first narrows two, overtake the possibility that overtakes Swiss person instead even to increase greatly.

After contest, nadaer was asked about again this one topic, without doubt, roger is a drive to me, each other is motivation between us. But no less than says before me in that way, I won't be obsessed with Yu Chao to jump over him, also won't regarding that is the target of my career. Nadaer calls him understanding the advantage in laterite, but he also is clear that he is impossible to stand in Luo Lan forever - on Jialuosi's laterite, so I let myself keep dedicated as far as possible, do me the business that this phase should do.

The competition that forces to he and cost heart about the outside, nadaer made a relaxed figure of speech, you always cannot be the house because of neighbour, television or the garden is bigger than your home and feel depressed, I am such look upon lives all the time. Of course, nadaer also states the hope can be close to Feidele's achievement as far as possible when retire, even if cannot, to me now have been very mysterious, be?

Data cruel

93: After yesterday morning beats Mu of the base of a fruit, nadaer is obtained in add up to of the arm of the law 93 get the better of 2 negative horrible military successes, two only suffer a defeat was 2009 respectively not De Lin of enemy all alone, and defeated Deyaokeweiji 2015.

39: Came 2010 between 2015, nadaer obtained the military successes of 39 Lian Sheng in the arm of the law. 2015 the arm of the law 8 strong competition, nadaer not enemy heart made an appointment with Keweiji to stop Lian Sheng.

38: From 2016 the arm of the law is first-run 3 than 0 conquer Geluosi begins, arrive all the time 2018 the arm of the law the 4th round 3 than 0 conquer Ma Tele, nadaer gets the better of 38 dishes repeatedly in the arm of the law, created the longest Lian Sheng dish several.

26: Nadaer is opposite in the arm of the law the military successes of a TOP10 is 26 get the better of 1 negative, be opposite military successes is a world first 6 get the better of 1 negative.

24: Want Nadaer to rush into the semifinal of the arm of the law only, he had never been defeated. Nadaer is in the military successes of semifinals and final 24 get the better of 0 negative.

12: Attend the arm of the law to begin first from 2005, nadaer has taken part in the match 15 years continuously, take 12 champion.

Pulses of 33 years old of accept is more powerful

Prize-giving ceremonially, accept beans says sincerely to Mu of the base of a fruit: Dominick, be very sorry, fail to if wish,let you. But I hope you have future the opportunity carries off here champion, you are having bright perspective.

If you still have impression, last year after final of male single of the arm of the law, nadaer also says to Mu of the base of a fruit so.

The unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader of this word is: You want to gain the championship here, wait for me to retire. Go 15 years, nadaer is maintaining 12 Zhan Quansheng's military successes in final of the arm of the law, similar such word accept amounts to Er also was to say over and over.

After final of the arm of the law, have fan P a piece of graph, the Nadaer 2037 bestrews furrow on the face, graph chip in understands a word: The Nadaer that congratulations 50 years old takes champion of the 30th the arm of the law!

Yes, nadaer says not to have solution in the regnant force can on laterite field. 15 years of time, nadaer's hair from shock arrive few and far between, albumen of the collagen on the face also prediction of a person's luck in a given year is not little, but regnant force is more and more powerful however.

If you saw final of this male single, the Nadaer that you can discover to Da Eryuan compares offer of 33 years old 18 years old is more doughty. The Nadaer nowadays is attendant the station that go up more before leaning, glissade is freely, net more before more agile, in former days a bit defective backhand looks to have the tendency that exceeds forehand greatly nowadays.

More important is, nadaer's fight and silk of get victory desire compare young equation of time none. The 2nd dish 5 than 7 after desertioning, nadaer's fight is aroused thoroughly, the 3rd dish gets the better of 11 minutes repeatedly for a time, hind two dishes are to let Mu of the base of a fruit take pitiful two bureaus only more.

Go out up to now, nadaer is that runs forever amaranthine horse the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces blocks boy, nobody knows when he can stop. Come ten years, nadaer encounters injury, again second temper with fire of temper by dipping in water is finished in injury, let oneself become extremely powerful. The drive backside of those without striking a blowing that we see nowadays, the effort that is accept Da Erqian 10 thousand, his effort lets us ignore his natural gift even.

Champion of the 12nd the arm of the law also is the 18th vole of Nadaer at the same time, the vole number that he also forces oneself and cost heart first narrows 2, history go up to contend for recrudesce billows optimally. If Feidele cannot be in subsequently lukewarm net somewhat behead is obtained, nadaer has quite great opportunity to overtake right now next year exceed him instead even. New capital signs up for Sun Haiguang of sports news analyst

Original title: Nadaer is regnant laterite 15 years of collect are neat achievement of a dozen champion of the arm of the law exceed Feidele to be not all up responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling


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