Accept amounts to Er big marriage latest news wife is the king before whose Spain is exploded will attend

Accept amounts to Er big marriage latest news wife is the king before whose Spain is exploded will attend

At the beginning of this year, nadaer is exposed to the sun to go out should be in with the cummer that is in love 14 years Xisika enters marital hall this year, just bridal time is a mystery group all the time, the wedding that there is a message to weigh two people before this will be in June, that paragraph of time before begins to undertake to lukewarm net after the arm of the law ends namely, do not pass a ground Spanish newspaper " Ultima Hora " message, harbor undertakes the Bolunsa that Nadaer's wedding will block in Marlow on October 19, at the appointed time Spanish predecessor king is installed why - Carlos generation and personage of one numerous sporting world will be attended.

Nadaer and Xisika c

ome from isle horse the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to get stuck, was acquainted when go to school, development of follow a rational line to do some work well is a lover, a

bamboo stick used as a toy horse of green plum of it may be said. Spring 2008, two people are patted the picture that pulls a hand to shop, just be confirmed by media amour. The hold post after Xisika graduates at insurance company of a Spain, and one of sponsors that this insurance company also is Nadaer.

The cummer that stars with other tennis nevertheless or the wife is different, xisika is maintaining very low-key style, go rarely all the time the game that the spot watchs Nadaer, according to saying this is the opinion of Uncle Tony, because simple and honest Nadaer sees the girlfriend can throb every time,quicken, hold even time bad. Xisika seldom also accepts media interview, never have had wanted to borrowing Nadaer to let his become famous person.

According to Spanish newspaper " Ultima Hora " report, nadaer's wedding had been in what Marlow blocks native place on October 19 on this year harbor holds Bolunsa, and the ceremony is in the Sa Fortalesa on the island is manorial around undertake, and Er of shellfish of emperor polo star ever also was here to get married with fiancee on June 20. At the appointed time Spanish king is installed why - Carlos generation, the wedding that attends Nadaer, and Luopeici and Wodasike the Spanish teammate of these two Nadaer also is a distinguished guest.

Accept amounts to Er military successes since this year quite beautiful, the arm of the law takes cup of hand of the 12nd firelock, si Beicheng result defends the Roger that just ends crown gains the championship the 5th times, into Zhang individual the 35th Great Master surpasses champion, to pound force of labor of beautiful net champion. According to bridal timeline, at the appointed time Nadaer should have hit Shanghai Great Master to surpass, and that paragraph of time is the relatively empty window before London total final period. Will look with present achievement, nadaer still retains concussion end of the year first opportunity.

Original title: Accept exposing to the sun amounts to Er general to will attend responsibility editor at the king before Spain of big on October 19 marriage: Li Xiaoling


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