2020 Tokyo Olympic Gameses Chinese head gold or out Sun Yang project of 400 meters of crawl

Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee is in local time this Zhou Er was announced newest the program of match of 2020 Olympic Games of one edition, this program shows, current Olympic Games will hold an opening ceremony late on July 24, 2020, begin each match to spread out formally from July 25, end till August 9, 9 days hold closure that evening.

A golden general of current Olympic Games arose midday on July 25, come from the woman at shooting a project final of musket of 10 meters of gas. This project preliminary contest will begin 7:30 on July 25 morning from Beijing time, undertake the qualification is surpassed first, predict around produces gold midday.

One of big natant matches with current eye-catching Olympic Games also begin earlier, match date is came on July 25 on August 2, whole journey 9 days, natant preliminary contest is arranged entirely in the late evening, semifinals and final undertake in the morning, this and Beijing Olympic Games is identical 2008. As a result of the man final of 400 meters of crawl is undertook in the morning on July 26, so Sun Yang hopeful is become carry off for China current Olympic Games the athlete of the first gold.

The major final of track and field of another gold large family is arranged was in in the evening, battle of 100 meters of flying National People's Congress will be in the man that gets attention fully undertook in the evening on August 2, final of relay of rice of man 4 100 will undertake in the evening on August 7.

Attention spends taller man football final to was arranged to one day is in before closure, hold 8 days night namely, male basket final is in by arrangement on August 9 closure that day undertake midday, namely Beijing time in the morning 10:30. The ping-pong project that sets 5 gold gives rate preexistence late on July 27 definitely mix double final gold, on July 30, 31 days of gold that produce femal

e sheet and male single respectively, final of female, male organization parts to undertook with 7 days on August 6. Olympic Games closure still can give bronze medal of women's volleyball bullion definitely that day on August 9, finals will begin 12:30 in Beijing time. Man polo final will begin 15:30

in 9 days, it is the project of gold of the last generation likely extremely.

Tokyo Olympic Games is new increased 5 big, swimming, on the Xiaoxiang such as fire also somewhat increase and decrease or fluctuant, carry meets Benciao to will produce 339 gold in all on 33 projects. According to leg, two projects will be in softball, football contest opens before the opening ceremony is held. (reporter Liu Ailin)

Original title: Chinese Tokyo Olympic Games head responsibility of natant project of golden hopeful out edits: Li Xiaoling


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