2019 worlds ping surpasses time of male single final: Address of direct seeding of dragon of horse of VS of Liang Jing enters the mouth

2019 worlds ping surpasses time of male single final: Address of direct seeding of dragon of horse of VS of Liang Jing enters the mouth

Game time: On April 27 22: 30, 2019 world ping-pong tounament - male single semifinal.

Direct seeding address: CCTV5

In new network Budapest in the final of male single 1/4 that Budapest world ping surpassed report 26 days to undertake on April 26, dragon of horse of Olympic Games champion with 4:0Lin Gaoyuan of teammate of sweep anything away, forward the 3 targets that connect a coronal entered male single of world ping contest again one pace. of pacify of bridge of another China player with 4:3Beat Japanese player Dan Yuxiao to hope, with semifinal of equestrian dragon join forces.

Current generation ping surpasses a male single in 32 strong fight, the Olympic Games champion that the ping that it is a country defends below half region alone allows Xin accident not enemy French player Ximenggaoci, go out ahead of schedule bureau, make the country pings 4 players that carry off the pressure of male single gold is pressed in on half area entirely go up personally. And as world rank first Fan Zhendong is in 1/8 final not go no further of of enemy bridge pacify 16 strong, dragon of horse of the champion that defend crown becomes on half area to gain the championship the

biggest popular.

In match of 26 days, ma Long shows a vole player place adequately to have some actual strength, be sentenced beforehand to ball road and join can says perfect, final with 4:0Lin Gaoyuan of sweep anything away, push forward male single 4 strong.

I and Lin Gaoyuan just made public contest to be opposite in Qatar blast over- , understand each other very much, ability tactics manner also did not vary, but a little can different on crucial ball, bring to each other thereby a few incommensurate. After Ma Long is surpassed, express. Actually I did not feel to attend a world to ping what the player of contest has to distinguish with first time from personal vole, the Liang Jing that takes part in the match for the first time still defeated Fan Zhendong. So every match is brand-new, want a field to hit. I am brought into play actively today, integral play is good.

In the match that hopes in Liang Jing and Japanese player Dan Yuxiao, before two bureaus, both sides leaves one town each. After road of familiar adversary ball, liang Jing begins to send force, will big score is pulled open to 3:1. Do not cross after this two bureaus, the adverse situation that Dan Yuxiao hopes to lag behind in score plays score of tenacious bite into, the error that uses Liang Jing just delays the competition bureau of decide the issue of the battle. Bureau of decide the issue of the battle, liang Jing leaves bureau hit a 5:0, maintain the dominant position final, with 11:5The end fights.

First time and adversary fight hand to hand, just began to not be familiar with his ball road. 3:1When big score is banner, oneself wanted to win too, 7:3 of the 5th bureauCombination of tactics of too much ability did not consider when preceding, want to use adversary error to take next competitions rapidly, did not think of to pull bureau of decide the issue of the battle. There is not put

state of mind finally, holding in the arms surely win belief took the competition. Liang Jing expresses after contest.

According to leg, liang Jing will be in male single semifinal and equestrian dragon join forces. To this, the state of mind that Liang Jing expresses to he can hold study in the arms spells Ma Long on competition ground. The hair before contest was caught a few aureate, think alive ping contest carries off namely gold. (Ma Yuanhao)

Original title: Responsibility of semifinal of male single of Ma Long and contest of ping of world of join forces of bridge pacify edits: Zheng Lili


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