2019 men fly to tounament of countrywide track and field 100 meters Zhan Yangyang of National People's Congress gains the championship

8 days, tounament of countrywide track and field pulls open opening in Shenyang. The man that has that evening flies 100 meters in battle of National People's Congress, yang Yang of Jiangsu famous general is short of in Su Bingtian, course of study thanking shake blast below the circumstance, with 10 seconds 39 conquer not have snow to gain the championship, mo Youxue with 10 seconds the difference of the 0.01 seconds of 40 wins second place.

Yang Yang actual strength nots allow small gaze, the man that he ever obtained large award of countrywide track and field to surpass the contest that assign a station for many times before this 100 meters of champion. The Beijing of challenge of track and field of world of international cropland couplet that nothing is more... than of tall smooth hour undertook 2016 stands in the match, he and Xie Zhen course of study, Su Bingtian, Zhang Peimeng gives fight jointly, final with 38 seconds 21 win championship of 4X100 rice relay.

After gaining the championship that evening, yang Yang states the competition of Chinese dash is very intense now. A few team member of national group differ accordingly outside religion train in abroad, also have the progress of different level, competition is very intense. Next my hopes can run into 10 seconds first 10, break through oneself as far as possible next. He says.

In the woman in 100 meters of matches, zhang Man of Henan famous general with 11 seconds 54 carry off champion. Zhu Cuiwei of Guangdong twin player, Zhu Cuiyan cent obtains 23, be exactly like long not only, two achievement also are close to the sister very much 11 seconds 68 with 11 seconds 69.

In the competition that has that day morning, the Qing Gang of Zhao of Liaoning javelin veteran that mainland fights suffers influence of ankle the condition of an injury to fail to develop full actual strength, regretful cherish defeats Beijing player Liu Qizhen obtains man of this tounament of track and field of second whole nation group bid execute by shooting surpasses the 2nd. I feel I am young still, the age is not a problem. Still basically suffer injury this to affect, the ankle when cast is not sent on force. Can returning home town match nevertheless still is very happy. Zhao Qinggang says.

This second match will arrive 11 days continuou

sly, the biggest tomorrow hotspot is woman shot Gong Lijiao of one elder sister comes on stage a battle. Gong Lijiao is latter position is good, this sports season gives battle diamond league matches 3 times to carry off twice champion, runner-up. (reporter Zhang Yi flies)


title: Winning responsibility of advantage of 100 meters of 1% second edits Yang Yang of tounament of countrywide track and field: Li Xiaoling


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