Vs of male basket of China of world cup of 2019 male basket CCTV5 of video living broadcast watchs Ketediwa address

Vs of male basket of China of world cup of male 2019 basket does direct seeding where see Ketediwa? Did CCTV5 have direct seeding on August 31? Below small make up everybody to share male goal of China of world cup of 2019 male basket the address of video living broadcast to Ketediwa.

Male basket of China of world cup of 2019 male basket is right Ketediwa address of living broadcast of video of CCTV5 sports channel: Click watch

Beijing time on August 31 20:00, chinese male basket will be in Beijing the center meets Kaidilake head-on Ketediwa male basket, this will be Chinese male basket the first battle of 2019 basketball world cup.

The match sees a drop: Chinese male basket whether obtain make a good beginning?

Outcome of ballot of male basket world cup hind, the outside thinks Chinese male basket was smoked generally before last autograph, and Ketediwa by accepted the team with the youngest actual strength in be A group, apparent, first match of Chinese male basket nots allow to have break. From the point of paper face actual strength, the advantage of Chinese male basket still is in planted agent, the position of quits contest to let show weakness a bit originally because of the injury sharp edge line that does not cross Zhou Peng more one disaster after another, this also lets Li Nan's bishop drill the arrangement of choose and employ persons in this field is reached face adjust more fetching attention.

The worry of eliminate injury, the penalty shot of Chinese team and 3 minutes of balls score a hit rate general is another difficult position that the earnestly in first their match wants c

ustomer service. Be in gross in 17 warm up contest, the penalty shot of Chinese team hits the target rate is only 65.9% , and 3 minutes of balls score a hit rate also have 35% only, this still includes among them this when Keluodeya is being faced in cup final, be outside 3 minutes of lines 30 cast only 3 medium awkward data.

Watch Chinese male basket instead the a

dversary of this field Ketediwa, in their world preliminary contest before this with African competion area best the ticket that the 3rd achievement took world cup of Chinese male basket, team this second sign up finally have in the name sheet that take part in the match had attended many times along with the team male Lan Shijin surpassed Turkey 2010 (predecessor of male basket world cup) veteran, contest experience is relatively rich, not only such, they put in the Thompson that delimited team of Ceng Sui Liaoning has entered total final of CBA of 2014-15 sports season 's charge again, team actual strength is able to promote further.

In the warm up contest before this, china is mixed early or late with Ketediwa the team such as the Cameroon with similar style and Angola has had fight hand to hand, from the point of match process and result, chinese male basket wants only can attendant go up to produce oneself advantage adequately, accomplish give priority to with me, get victory probability is very big still.

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