Time of living broadcast of video of male basket of Cba Guangdong Sichuan watchs address entrance and historical score to be at war record analysis

Time of living broadcast of video of male basket of Cba Guangdong Sichuan watchs address entrance and historical score to be at war record analysis

Beijing time is late on November 14, CBA convention surpasses Sichuan team the 5th round advocate meet Guangdong team head-on. Guangdong enters the court to just suffer a defeat in guest field experience, be badly in need of a victory pick up confidence again, already experienced the get victory target that the 4 Sichuan that are defeated repeatedly will be them, ma Shang - Brooks' expression especially important.

Watch battle guideline:

Be opposite a both sides: Team of Guangdong of Sichuan team VS

Time of fight hand to hand: On November 14 19 when 35 minutes

Than competition ground house: Gymnasium of ar

ea of Chengdu lukewarm river

Television relay: Sports of CCTV5+ , Guangdong

Bilateral recent situation:

Field of on Sichuan team one round of guest challenges Jiangsu team, before the planted agent foreign aids of the other side pulls Du Li examine to be swept low confuse condition, in planted agent big hair invincible might cuts cent continuously, helped Jiangsu head section precede 12 minutes. After this Ford dark although be Sichuan to take fraction again and again, but the aggression of Jiangsu blossoms in the round, effectiveness at the Sichuan of Jiangsu team old will yellow Rong Ji also hits the target crucial ball. Be in finally pull Du Li examine 41 minutes before the strong performance of 13 backboard, sichuan team loses with 101-117,

experience 4 be defeated repeatedly.

Field of on Guangdong team one round of guest challenges Jilin team, first half both sides has to be in each banner. Yi Bian is again afterwar, two groups contention is intense, the battle when 3 ends was become 81 smooth. Successive planted agent of minor details Cui Jinming takes fraction, in acting Huai Bolian 4 write down Ling Jilin of 3 minutes of balls to be in banner. Although Guangdong spreads out with Ma Shang by Yi Jianlian strike back, but but time of match the rest is limited, final Guangdong loses with 115-120, originally sports season head is tasted v/LIT be utterly defeated.

Core is right definitely:

Ma Shang of Ford dark VS - Brooks

Ford of a match dark 19 cast 12 in, individual of the sports season below violent wind is new 44 tall minutes. Recently the Ford of 3 balls dark firepower a standard-sized sheet, all notch rise. 3 minutes of balls score a hit led period of team of outclass effectiveness wide mansion, achieved 60% . The Ford that individual assault force upgrades in the round dark, need causes what Guangdong team defends to take seriously.

This sports season field all 33.3 minutes of 8 backboard the Ma Shang of 6.8 secondary attack - Brooks, in the play feel just like a fish in water of Guangdong team, with the line is being connected between Yi Jianlian is to cooperate tacit understanding more. This field is opposite a Sichuan team, small division compares Ma Shang - Brooks needs to last oneself efficient expression, drive the play of whole group.

History of fight hand to hand:

On two teams history in all fight hand to hand 18, guangdong team is obtained 15 get the better of 3 negative. This sports season convention is surpassed the 2nd round, guangdong team advocate field 118-115 is small get the better of Sichuan team.

Predicting both sides sends first:

Sichuan: Li Yuanyu, Ford dark, Zun Zhen year, Hu Linsen, Yuan Zhenliang

Guangdong: Hu Mingxuan, Zhao Rui, Ma Shang, Ren Jun flies, Yi Jianlian

Original title: Before look up: ? Be stupefied  of ㄓ of Mu of  put down hises or her basketry だ  sentences? small division to lose hand responsibility to edit than Cheng Sheng: Li Xiaoling


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