Shanghai male basket: Zhang Zhaoxu gets hurt accidentally first visit to a doctor hurts recrudesce for the waist already observation of repose of be in hospital

Beijing time on October 26, in CBA body of new sports season is measured in, zhang Zhaoxu of team member of Shanghai male basket gets hurt suddenly when undertaking 100kg crouchs a test greatly accidentally, at present Zhang Zhaoxu has been sent toward the hospital to undertake checking.

Shanghai male basket for a short while the case that the government announced Zhang Zhaoxu to get hurt, shanghai male basket expresses: After Zhang Zhaoxu sends toward the hospital preliminary diagnose for the waist old injury has a relapse, had arranged observation of repose of be in hospital at present. At the same time the club still expresses to further information can inform broad fan in time.

Zhang Zhaoxu this year 32 years old, height 2.21 meters, weight 118 kilograms. Regard a planted agent as the player, zhang Zhaoxu has a waist to hurt all the time in

the body, the old injury that is the waist this has a relapse again, hope and do not have hinder greatly.

CBA new sports season is closer and closer, shanghai of Zhang Zhaoxu that gets hurt to have a strong lineup to new sports season is a very adver

se information for male basket, he can think in the play of planted agent Shanghai male basket provides tremendous help, hope Zhang Zhaoxu can return competition ground at an early date.

Recruit of Netease basketball club

Original title: : of Shanghai male basket? Bright of  of  of engrave of thin Ji of young of lossen soil with a hoe beats? already repose of be in hospital observes responsibility edits: Fang Di


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