Push forward of male ping of China of ping-pong organization world cup 4 strong defeat American team

Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency on November 7 report local time 7 days, ping-pong organization world cup was in Japanese Tokyo 2019 proceed, in man 1/4 final, chinese team defeats American team with very preponderance, group of push forward male 4 strong.

In first doubles argue, chinese team expedites Xu Xin and the combination of Liang Jing , be opposite the Feng Yijun of player of two foreign citizen of Chinese origin of an American team and stretch, with 11:5, 11:5, 11:0Triumph. Next two sheet hit the mark, fan Zhendong and bridge pacify with 3:0Beat easily adversary. Final China team with 3:0Defeat American team.

Next Chinese male team will meet Japanese team head-on in semifinal of 9 days, latter is in 1/4 final 3:1Defeated German team.

8 days, chinese female team will be right in 1/4 final team of battle United

States. (reporter Xie Shan)

Original title: 4 strong responsibility edi

t push forward of male team of China of ping-pong organization world cup: Li Xiaoling


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