Ping-pong inferior the pressure that of pacify of bridge of bright and beautiful contest suffers Korea big changeover makes Xin came

Ping-pong inferior the pressure that of pacify of bridge of bright and beautiful contest suffers Korea big changeover makes Xin came

Asian ping-pong tounament was offended in Indonesian day 2019 undertake, xu Xin of male single competition ground wins two to be hit into repeatedly 8 strong, but with the Liang Jing in a half area, below the circumstance that precedes in 2-0 however, lose 3 bureaus 2-3 to suffer repeatedly changeover of plant of flourish of Korea player Zheng, ping of such country of on half area make Xin only one person. Another half area, lin Gaoyuan, Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin all ascend successfully personally 8 strong.

Male single the 3rd round, xu Xin is opposite an Iranian player Housaiyin. Bilateral strength gap is apparent, before Xu Xin two bureaus are taken with the identical score of 11-5, 11-3 of the 3rd bureau wins out 3-0 pass a barrier. 1/8 final, xu Xin meets true fine of village of Japanese player auspicious head-on, below the case that loses one bureau first in 7-11, pull 3 bureaus repeatedly with 11-8, 11-2 and 11-5, changeover of total score 3-1 is hit into 8 strong. 1/4 final, xu Xin's adversary will be the Li Shangzhu of Korea.

Liang Jing the He Junjie that the 3rd round adversary is Chinese Hong Kong, head of bureau bridge pacify unplugs so that the head prepares with 11-7, error of the 2nd bureau loses with 9-11 more a bit. of pacify of bridge of the 3rd bureau sends forc

e adequately, get the better of greatly with the very preponderance of 11-1. of pacify of bridge of the 4th bureau makes persistent efforts, with 11-5 triumph total score 3-1 eliminates rival. 1/8 final, liang Jing meets Rong Zhi of Korea player Zheng head-on, play of before two bureaus is outstanding, get the better of first with 11-9 and 11-4. Nevertheless of pacify of after this bridge is squelched completely, after 6-11 of the 3rd bureau suffers a defeat, 4-11 of the 4th bureau is defeated by one bureau again, to bureau of decide the issue of the battle with 7-11 not hostile hand, lose 3 bureaus 2-3 to be not had by changeover repeatedly predestined relationship 8 strong, zheng Rong Zhize an anticipatory actin with Japan wisdom with contention 4 strong chairs.

Lin Gaoyuan the 3rd round face Tian Xingshi of Japanese player eaves, actual strength takes actor apparently, win victory even below 3 bureaus with 11-6, 11-4 and 11-7. 1/8 final, lin Gaoyuan meets Korea player An Zaixian head-on, fall continuously 3 bureaus are mixed with 11-9, 11-8 11-9 get victory. Fan Zhendong faces Malaysia player Zhong Ziyi, head 11-3 of bureau Fan Zhendong wins victory easily, take the 2nd bureau with 11-4 again then, exploit a victory of the 3rd bureau pursues and attack 11-6 to win out, adversary of sweep anything away of total score 3-0. 1/8 final, fan Zhendong meets of Liao Zhen of Chinese Taipei player head-on, it is to win 3 bureaus repeatedly, with 11-4, 11-5 and promotion of 3-0 of 11-4 get victor

y. 1/4 final, fan Zhendong will have civil war with Wang Chuqin.

Wang Chuqin the 3rd round of A that meets Iran head-on civilian, head after bureau 11-5 wins victory, the 2nd bureau is defeated with 10-12 cherish, the 3rd bureau is taken with 11-5 and 11-6 early or late with the 4th bureau, pass a barrier of total score 3-1. 1/8 final, wang Chuqin's adversary is the Zhang Yuzhen of Korea, bilateral contention is unusually intense. Head admire of bureau king Hunan is in 10 after making the same score, connect so that win victory 2 minutes with 12-10, do not cross the 2nd bureau 11 2 minutes are lost to lose with 11-13 repeatedly after making the same score. Admire of Hunan of king of the 3rd bureau masters completely on field active, get the better of greatly with 11-1 sweep anything away, nevertheless the 4th bureau is immersed in passivity to suffer a defeat with 5-11 again. Rally of Wang Chuqin of bureau of decide the issue of the battle, come up to precede with respect to 5-0 and 8-1, win victory smoothly with 11-5, force of total score 3-2 overcomes Zhang Yuzhen to be hit into 8 strong.

Original title: Inferior the pressure that 2-3 of of pacify of bridge of bright and beautiful contest suffers Korea big changeover makes Xin came responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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