Number of recruit of the person that 2022 Olympic Winter Gameses wish signing up breaks student of 630 thousand youth is main force

Number of recruit of the person that 2022 Olympic Winter Gameses wish signing up breaks student of 630 thousand youth is main force

On December 5, 2019, the Olympic Winter Games mixed the Beijing of Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee that start 2022 wintry incomplete recruit of whole world of volunteer of abstruse meeting sports meet, volunteer number signing up rises continuously since a month, end to already was broken through at 8 o'clock on January 5, 2020 morning 630 thousand, in these applicants signing up, young student still is main force, achieved 520 thousand, occupy 80% above, friend of Chinese of personage of other society all circles, abroad overseas Chinese, international also signs up in succession, beijing Olympic Winter Games is paid close attention to by height, sports meet volunteer showed powerful appeal.

Volunteer of sports meet of Beijing Olympic Winter Games is drawing global look, in applicants of these sports meet volunteer, the volunteer that comes from global each district was conveyed participate in Beijing Olympic Winter Games the urgent desire of volunteer service, be like, come from the outstanding youth of Chinese Taiwan, sign up early, to the motherland feel proud with happiness formidably; Long room is in the United States, having the abroad Chinese of individual feelings to China however, conveyed participate in a winter abstruse expect; Have the boy of student studying abroad that comes from Romania, want to do the international emissary that abstruse spirit transmits the winter, they are expecting to participate in the Olympic Winter Games is volunteer 2022 service, realize their wintry Ao Meng with real operation.

Outstanding youth Chenwen becomes Taiwan: Those who kiss all previous motherland is powerful with happiness

When the information that success signing up shows on the website, chen Wencheng cannot help cheering before computer, I am full of to the arrival 2022 expect! On December 5, chen Wencheng is in Beijing Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete signed up on system of recruit of volunteer of abstruse meeting sports meet 2022 successful, hopeful becomes the volunteer of Olympic Winter Games of a Beijing.

Chen Wencheng is Taiwan clear the person that change a county, will to Beijing sports university assiduously study sports 2011 humanitarian sociology, obtained a doctor's degree 2018, be an appropriate appropriate learn bully. Volunteer service is me all the time since hold to, this kind insisted to promote ego, clearer sense got give person rose, hand to have the joy of lingering fragrance. During Taiwan chrestomathy division, chen Wencheng insists to have volunteer service, devote into actively in each volunteer activity, moral education award, intellectual education award and service dedication award are had the honor to win when graduation.

Consecratory contented feeling is accompanying him to grow all the way, this happiness also was accompanyin

g him to come to Beijing, chen Wencheng participated in more cross-strait activities in, drive cross-strait youth actively to communicate the job, shared Beijing stage early or late teenage activity glacial crock, culture of Taiwan youth ice and snow experienced Beijing stage is activity, teenage 2018 2018 activity of science communication battalion. He what assiduously study sports major has deep love for fitness, pass an entrance examination the coach card of project of sports of many Taiwan area, took sports agent certificate of qualification of 3 class profession. As a professional personage, chen Wencheng is having distinctive understanding to the Olympic Games: Olympic spirit is the complete mankind collective expectation to sports facilities and pursuit, it is to go up more person of ten million sports uses sweat and bloo

d agglomerate precious spirit. To our sports person, the Olympic Games is having powerful glamour and appeal, resembling is mental belief same.

We are having a kind of special feeling to the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, chen Wencheng is recollected. When Beijing Olympic Games was held 2008, chen Wencheng is in attend a college, see around the country the enthusiasm to the Olympic Games is mixed the rapid development of the motherland, he and beside a lot of classmates agree, must come to Beijing view and admire the Olympic Games. Should be informed Beijing to apply 2022 Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete after the message with abstruse successful meeting, chen Wencheng expresses none hesitantly to want to participate in to close friends among them. Nowadays, the Olympic Winter Games mixed success Beijing signing up 2022 wintry incomplete volunteer of abstruse meeting sports meet, it is two a Chen Wencheng's most important in life things more---Volunteer dedication and Olympic Games spirit closely confluence is together, the mood for a long time that this allows he is excited cannot calm.

In recent years the development of the motherland lets Chen Wencheng feel very shock, he states the Olympic Games is the collective dream of all Chinese! I hope more and more Taiwan youths participate in a winter abstruse in volunteer service, the power of the motherland is felt on match of this kind of large international. Chen Wencheng wants to arouse next more Taiwan youths participate in volunteer of Olympic Winter Games to sign up in, it is Beijing together 2022 Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete abstruse meeting exerts oneself consecratory. Chen Wencheng hopes spirit of this kind of volunteer service can make the tie of cross-strait youth, let youths get together at the Olympic Winter Games, share international grand meeting, those who witness the motherland is powerful with happiness.

Abroad Chinese Duan Li: Those things of I and motherland

This is the opportunity of China of whole world focusing, as a Chinese, I can participate in a winter abstruse in come, it is me among life most experience of glorious, it will make me lifetime be benefited, the connection that also can let I and motherland is more close. Duan Li regards the abroad Chinese of success signing up as the volunteer, volunteer service is provided on the Olympic Winter Games that the motherland holds to hopeful, feel special to excitement is mixed proud.

Be brought up in the United States as a child the Duan Li of the life, very familiar to Euramerican culture, the life experience of overseas makes she is communicated in culture on do a familiar work with ease, this also is a winter abstruse volunteer service provided broader view and support. Does she have? Have deep love for the China, heart that has deep love for Beijing. June 2013, duan Li is informed Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman to call in the United States, sign up volunteeringly with mom, strive for hard in participating in the operation that protects ensign, come. Below burning sun sorching, she is the smallest protect flagman, left deep impression to everybody, got of everybody praise, praise her patriotism.

Duan Li holds flame all the time to Olympic Games match. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, duanli and domestic person entered a lot of activities that concern with the Olympic Games in Beijing. Be informed China to want to hold when her 2022 when the Olympic Winter Games, duan Li falls secretly decided determination: Must go back to the motherland enter a winter abstruse volunteer service. Can return the motherland to undertake an Olympic Winter Games volunteer service, especially with skate relevant match serves, let I and motherland have more close connection.

Be in the United States, duan Li takes an active part in the volunteer activity of Chinese community, also tell about outstanding China culture and China to foreign friend in effort in recent years development changes. She has attended to welcomed Chairman Xi Jinping and Aobama's president to be in 2013 early or late Annabaige is manorial those who meet protect ensign the action, was federation of American Chinese mass organizations and American Beijing federation to hold the position of justice labour to wait a moment 2014. She expresses, the flying development of Chinese economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, let more abroad Chinese overseas Chinese experience the powerful force of the motherland. Beijing in recent years change makes her feel proud especially, modern urban construction and included urban atmosphere, let her experience the glamour with metropolitan internationalization, people's Republic of China establishs the 70 large congratulatory activities of anniversary, was to arouse her bottom of the heart to be mixed to the attaching of the motherland more have deep love for.

In recent years, duan Li all the time is not paying close attention to Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete the relevant matters concerned of recruit of abstruse meeting volunteer. She can use the multilateral language such as Chinese, English, French adroitly, add agelong life to be in abroad, make she can serve to come from the athlete of each country better. On December 5, 2019, recruit of whole world of sports meet volunteer is started, duan Li for a short while fill in a form and submit it to the leadership individual information, be honoured very much the abroad Chinese that the ground becomes a success signing up, far the parents that is in the United States can do a volunteer in the motherland for her and proud, enjoin her to work well.

International student OANCEA CRISTIAN-MIHAIL: Do the international emissary that abstruse spirit transmits good winter

OANCEA CRISTIAN-MIHAIL, this year 21 years old, come from Romania, economy of international of business school of Beijing language college and commerce major undergraduate students, liu foreign dragon is his Chinese name. Friendly, sincere letter, interesting, exquisite, this is him after coming to China, give beside the first impression of the person. Although come,Chinese time does not grow, have two years many only, but already was him the 2nd year when join volunteer service organization, this Romanian boy signs up fortunately successful, hopeful becomes volunteer of sports meet of Beijing Olympic Winter Games, become a milepost in his life.

2017, liu foreign Long Laihua studies abroad, stepping the land with this long history that momently, he fell in love with this deeply to include, great, good country. He expresses, after coming to China, he often gets beside of the division commander teach, the care of the classmate's help, friend, he felt the warmth that never has had. Because of this Liu foreign dragon finds the school, express to consider get one's own back of ground of earnestly practise what one advocates beside the person's help, consecratory oneself love. Pass the commendation of the school, liu foreign dragon became a glorious volunteer.

Liu foreign dragon expresses, volunteer service is having good atmosphere and active sense, everybody is helping others of one's own accord, in this big family, although he is assume, is simple work, but the value that let him feel oneself however comes true in the bit by bit. He holds water 70 years to celebrate mobile masses parade, congratulatory Romania to unite 100 anniversary activities, Romania to be stationed in in People's Republic of China early or late China embassy has volunteer service in the multinomial and large activity such as large party, dedicate actively, reveal volunteer elegant demeanour, be chosen to be delegate of branch of round China of Romanian student studying abroad, obtain multinomial honor, became the friend of net red international of Beijing language university.

I like sport very much, the wonderful match project on the Olympic Games is to make me big more feast one's eyes on, I won't miss an any Olympic Games on TV, like breathing out Ha Liuyang dragon to resemble a big boy, ground of happy to dance is worn than delimiting. He dreams to visit Olympic Games spot to view and admire the match all the time, hope to reflect oneself value on the Olympic Games more. This dream from rootlet establish in the heart at him, accompanying him to bleach ocean to cross the sea all the time, came to China.

Should be informed Beijing wintry Olympic Games was mixed 2022 incomplete volunteer of abstruse meeting sports meet started global recruit on December 5, liu foreign dragon tosses about excitedly, my dream is nearly before, must be in have unripe year participate in an Olympic Games personally volunteer service. After success signing up, excited, hearten, expect abundant between the heart at him, he shares the information instantly far the family member that is in Romania and the associate that volunteer of alliance of Romanian student studying abroad organizes people, they feel proud for him, it is a Romanian to be able to be Beijing the Olympic Winter Games contributes force and feel a honor. Liu foreign dragon expresses, he can continue to promote consecratory, friendly affection, help each other, volunteer spirit of progress, continue to transmit oneself love, the hope can exhaust a scanty power, had done in deepening collect the bridge of two countries friendship, let the world experience the glamour of civilization of an ancient name for China, experience the passion of China children, the dream that lets more person comes true on Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

Original title: Recruit of volunteer of sports meet of Olympic Winter Games started Beijing 2022 number of a month breaks through editor of 630 thousand responsibility: Li Xiaoling


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