News briefing of CBA new sports season uncovers hotspot of secret CBA new sports season and foreign aids policy to unscramble completely

News briefing of CBA new sports season uncovers hotspot of secret CBA new sports season and foreign aids policy to unscramble completely

CBA alliance holds league matches of profession of basketball of man of China of 2019-2020 sports season 23 days in Beijing (league matches of CBA of the following abbreviation) press conference. CBA of new sports season was announced to be in on the meeting development of experience of match operation, fan, business affairs and brand are popularized 4 big board piece upgrade in the round act, the first sports season of CBA2.0 is pulled open formally prelusive.

2019-2020 sports season is the 25th sports season, also be CBA alliance drives CBA2.0 to upgrade at the same time the section of the first sports season after the plan. This second on the press conference, chinese basket assist Yao Ming of allied president of chairman, CBA expresses in the speech: The expectation that in a sense of league matches of CBA of new sports season bears the weight of, a lot of sports season cannot were likened to in the past. The business that alliance of CBA of new sports season should do is very much, should give the matter further thought to each link more. Our everybody, in wanting to blend in oneself a kind to surmount the ego, condition that surmounts the history at any time, go. Be certain CBA league matches is below everybody's joint efforts, can become compatriots certainly most the professional sports league matches that love.

The upgrading that king of CBA allied CEO introduced league matches of CBA of new sports season mainly greatly is new act. Leg respect, begin battle will be hit at leaving on November 1, complete star on the weekend will on January 11, 2020 - Guangzhou of 12 sunset ground, the contest after season will on March 15, total final will on Ap

ril 26 battle, predicting match amount will achieve 500 or so. Watch game to take care of countrywide fan, reduce intercurrent time opening contest, partial play will arrive ahead of s

chedule late at 7 o'clock or remit to is late at 8 o'clock; At the same time every match added the government to suspend time. Groom in the judgment and run a side, pilot full-time judgment, strengthen inspect is judged and develop a system. System of league matches honor is progressively and perfect, added newly optimal award of the 6th person; In lieutenant general of play of groovy contest part polo shirt of pilot host team is used advocate field is tonal, farther aggrandizement advocate field atmosphere and fan are attributive feeling.

New sports season, CBA alliance develops a field in business affairs fruitful, a lot of and well-known company joins CBA alliance among big family.

Wet, teenage development, commonweal mixes the country company group sale will be CBA the main way that brand of new sports season upgrades. Alliance will print mild package of athletic floor and competition ground to wait through vector reflect national wet element; Attack in the quick worker of youth love to see and hear, small gain, tiger wait for platform aspirant travel is interactive, implement broken group with the collaboration crossing a boundary such as division of true person show, music; Compose builds CBA commonweal platform, attention adolescent grows, care is special group and environmental protection, through CBA the project carry out such as our TA small CBA and teenager CBA goes the social responsibility of CBA alliance; Park of basketball of the CBA that start, through the basketball grass with uninterrupted annual root match is mixed sponsor brand activity, strengthen a company group ceremonial feeling and faithfulness of vermicelli made from bean starch are spent.

League matches of CBA of 2019-2020 sports season will spread out in Dongguan on November 1 begin battle contend, by team of Guangdong of the champion that defend crown advocate field is right a Liaoning team.

This is the 25th sports season of CBA, join in as Lin Shuhao Beijing head steel, Zhou Qi returns to Stephen of Xinjiang team, strong pull by hand dark join in Liaoning team, the road be concerned about of the Wei Mian of Yi Jianlian and Guangdong team is heavy.

Hotspot 1

Does Lin Shuhao CBA continue mad?

In the contest before CBA season, lin Shuhao chops below 40 minutes easily, make Xining spot fan big breathe out satisfy a craving. Join in a steel hind, lin Shuhao expresses not to want to duplicate in CBA Lin Feng is mad, hope to help teammate play good game however. Nevertheless, yesterday spot of news briefing of CBA new sports season, CBA young reporter sent Lin Feng the new title of mad uncle, book a person of extraordinary powers is right this also jump at.

Lin Shuhao is shown already in the consequence of CBA, head put on sale of this card of sports season season is less than steel a week, sales volume exceeded on sports season, and of male basket of first adversary Tianjin advocate field ball ticket already also made work exhaust.

The small knife trying an ox that Ji Qian surpasses, the boy or girl friend that invites Lin Shuhao to become all adversary to take strict precautions against. Whole alliance can contend to it should count Stephen of Liaoning team new aid dark, the expression that latter surpasses before season also can says not to have solution.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the sports season below CBA begins to adjust foreign aids policy, may reduce the appeal of foreign aids of pair of big shop sign. The last season of times of double foreign aids, lin Shuhao and Stephen dark cherish to be worth more definitely.

Hotspot 2

Zhou Qi is returned to urgently renown

After world cup of Chinese male basket suffers a defeat, expression not the Zhou Qi of beautiful is introduced to where the wind and the waves are highest, add today team of Xinjiang of rush to the rescue of summerly return CBA, he became new sports season most one of domestic players that get attention.

Go up sports season, removing with the rocket after the contract, zhou Qi returns to the attributive problem of CBA to cause attention. August the middle ten days of a month, before male basket world cup opens contest, zhou Qi and Xinjiang club renew the contract, as it is said contract amount is as high as 8 digit.

During the world cup, zhou Qi went up to heat up search because of error, expression suffers criticism and doubt fully. Return Xinjiang team, he gives fight the contest before 3 season, all 12.3 19.7 cent, backboard, him proof still is had in CBA not common actual strength. Be opposite especially when the Guangdong team of a Yi Jianlian armistice, the sousaphone that Zhou Qi contributes 21+16 two pairs.

Anyhow, zhou Qi's battlefield has turned to league matches, regard Xinjiang team as unique native land core, leading a team to obtain good result is him afresh the only alternative of the name.

Hotspot 3

A couplet leads Guangdong to pound the 10th coronal

Criticise in a of male to China basket sound is medium, spell light the Yi Jianlian of last bullet makes a person respect. He is national group leader, it is Guangdong male basket more even the mainland of CBA one elder brother. This weekday, yi Jianlian will greet birthday, his target is with Guangdong the team pounds 10 coronals honor.

Our target is to hope to be able to defend crown of course. Yesterday, yi Jianlian expresses when looking into new sports season. In CBA career, a holds cup of MVP of 3 total final together, sports season becomes total backboard king on. New sports season, he whether take MVP of the 4th total final? In addition, a couplet has gotten 10982 minutes, the distance is gotten run to always notch rain differs the Zhu Fang of a list of names posted up 183 minutes only, his meeting becomes new CBA to notch in which king, be worth to pay close attention to.

On the road defending crown of Guangdong male basket, guo Ailun and Stephen dark the Liaoning team that present as leading role, fill strong Xinjiang team of Zhou Qi, having steel group of Lin Shuhao even is driving adversary. Nevertheless, experienced winning Du Feng before 9 times to the coach from the player, proved oneself are capable to lead a team to move toward new peak summit likewise.

Door mouth arms defeats CBA reform to carry fast

Today world cup of Xia Nan basket, chinese male basket fails in door mouth the group gives a clue, leave basically Tokyo Olympic Games, cause Chinese basketball bound to think over greatly. After ending last world cup to discharge a contest, chinese basket assist chairman Yao Ming makes known his position to be able to be in charge of to all sufferring a defeat.

After a many month, yao Ming the identity with CBA company president, chair hold conference of CBA club investor and partner to be met the 7th times the conference, release " CBA is allied dare the dream dare be become combination is enunciative " , a series of league matches that pass are new policy cashed he is affirmatory will continue to deepen Chinese basketball reform, cannot quit. This among them, the system of cap of domestic player wage that applies from 2020-2021 sports season and foreign aid are new politics equipment gets attention.

Wage cap policy

High pay of level of player ten million by keep within limits?

The cry of cap of CBA applying wage is long already, published new rule the 3rd when turn operation in the company eventually year. After this sports season passes, the compensation structure that CBA will integrate domestic player (of short duration does not include foreign aid) , include a contract salary and bonus winning a ball.

Since 2020-2021 sports season, the fiducial value of initiative wage cap is 36 million yuan, amortize value is 12 million yuan, upper limit of initiative wage cap is 48 million yuan, floor level is 24 million yuan. Expenses of actual contract salary exceeds wage cap upper limit or the club under wage cap lower limit, should adjust to allied pay green example cost (proportion year after year increases by degrees, it is since 2022-2023 sports season 100% ) . In the meantime, new the player that signs a contract consolidates the standard contract that makes according to alliance pattern plate, limitation of highest contract salary is onefold player cap of wage of this sports season is fiducial 25% of the value, 2020-2021 sports season is 9 million yuan, exceed this amount to will not be registered.

In fact, begin from last year, CBA is allied with respect to open the contract of the domestic player that includes unified form and foreign nationality player that recruit and register management. 2018-2019 sports season, contract of player standard edition (test version) begin to carry out, the contract branch that restricts player and club autograph is contract of fuel of new beautiful contract, protection contract, groovy contract, top and veteran contract 5 level, to deadline of player type, contract, safeguard the forehead is spent, lien, special provision and pay made specific provision, share 134 people to sign, occupy 40% what register total number. This sports season, standard edition contract upgrades from test version for try out edition, 257 people are signed, occupy 74% what register total number.

As we have learned, rest this year contest period is new in subscription player contract, still Chansaiji is as high as the compensation of 8 digit. As wage cap coming, formal standard edition contract will be enabled at next year, at the appointed time the issue with high empty of domestic player social status will get alleviating stage by stage. New wage cap policy will is opposite only temporarily domestic player become effective, foreign aids of short duration does not accept restriction of wage cap policy.

Foreign aids policy

Raise aggravate of 4 foreign aids strong weak become divided?

Begin from 2020-2021 sports season, the foreign aids policy of CBA will have major key to rectify. The foreign aids number that the club can register at the same time is added to 4 people, but every can sign up only at most two people, 4 4 person-time, every most 1 person-time. Besides 81 teams, the 4 team after achievement of before one sports season is ranked, every team foreign aids enters the court to be two people surely (most) 4 5 person-time, but minor details must only foreign aid. The contest after entering season allows no longer new register foreign aids or change register foreign aids, all team (81 teams except) all applicable 4 4 person-time.

Foreign aids number increases, but as come on the stage time suffers be restricted, they will be weakened in the action of team. The jumping-off place of this one policy is increase domestic player come on the stage time, get thereby bigger take exercise. However, market of CBA home player is remote not real flow rises, also be not every club to financial capacity protects the qualitative ground that maintain a volume to raise 4 foreign aid. Once team is defeated,was in new on the scratch line of round of armament race, whether is the strong weak become divided of CBA met aggravate, whether does the match view and admire gender and intense rate to drop? Still be unknown.

After group of steel of turn one's head, advocate handsome Yanisi is asked about new politics when the influence to team, did not give a specific opinion. What spent whole summer with Chinese male basket is Greek believe, the partner of Yao Ming and CBA people what what do is decision-making, it is to make Chinese basketball better.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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