Group of cup of couplet of fierce Lei Europe surpasses a hair to appear to write new record for Chinese football again

Group of cup of couplet of fierce Lei Europe surpasses a hair to appear to write new record for Chinese football again

Go up the group of Europe couplet cup that in Beijing

time before dawn has today surpasses round of Wu Lei that armour league matches did not come on stage on the west a hair appear, spaish advocate 1 than make peace of 1 handclasp of as made of baked clay as Fei Lunci Ross.

The Wu Lei that makes menace frequently fails to harvest a goal in this battle, but he writes new record for Chinese football again, after becoming afterwards Sun Xiang, come to the China that the first place appears on Europe couplet cup to be being surpassed 11 years player.

Spaish today's luck is bad, haweiluopeisi sent black Long Dali in the 10th minute, home team is in later it is all the time inside very long period of time break even score and hard. Wu Lei's performance is very positive, the 17th minute, his shoot will be blocked to give a bottom line by door of the other side, chinese player has an opportunity to break even score quickly originally.

Spaish breaks even in the 59th minute of goal that depends on Baerjiasi score, after this their offensive is more violent, the opportunity that Wu Lei misses also becomes more: The 70th minute, the long shot outside his forbidden zone slants piece; After 4 minutes, peideluosa sends a menace to pass a ball, nobody stare at the Wu Lei that prevent to be patted slow partly, fail to come up against rubber ball, miss good opportunity again, wind up of bilateral and final draw. After this ba

ttle passes, spaish harvested Ou Zhan 22 indefectible records.

Passing component of 6 minutes was made to Wu Lei only after Spanish media is surpassed, they think Chinese player performance is positive, but the offside trap that falls into adversary for many times, it was missed a few times is OK to was missed a few times the opportunity of adapting score. Team advocate the sigh with regret after handsome Jiayege surpasses: This is a very long way, what be being done not have in Ou Zhan is easy. (reporter Zhou Xiao)

Original title: One battle breaks fierce Lei milepost repeatedly good chance, after contest intermediary gives out only on the west passing cent responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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