George chops next relaxed freely flier 37 minutes to get the better of eagle 49 minutes greatly Lainade still armistice

George chops next relaxed freely flier 37 minutes to get the better of eagle 49 minutes greatly Lainade still armisti


On November 17, flier is in advocate field 150-101 blood washs eagle, george is in 20 minutes short of 10 seconds come on the stage inside time, efficient throw below 37 minutes of 4 bank 3 secondary attack 2 grab 1 lid cap, after reappearing two below 70 minutes are taken inside 44 minutes.

Flier is opposite an eagle, the match is more relaxed still, lainade still armistice, george continues to play the leading role, he hands over 37 cent, 4 backboard, 3 secondary attack, 2 grab, athletic battle 17 cast 10 in, flier 150-101 is gotten

the better of greatly.

George just reappears of late, the performance in representing flier to give a show of battle is excellent, although did not gain a victory, but his condition everybody be obvious to all, today is fan originally people expect Lainade and George first fit, heart of result Lai accept still armistice, so George still becomes the number one protagonist of flier. Match position of George is very exalted today, in hit the target individual the 6th write down three hind, his great spreads out the hand is celebrated; After causing 2+1, he cries more excitedly greatly: I came back!

First half, george still shows his excellent sense, his aggression desire is stronger also, first move 7 times, blow attacks bugle, he has respectively in or so two side small in cast hit the target, exterior line also has 3 minutes of violent wind in, hit very fluently.

When making aggression motion, george also is to be full of self-confidence, even if two defend,the player comes out to attack him, he fast right empty shakes false start, direct defend the person is cheated, subsequently Gan Baxiao is aspersed hit the target.

The George after making the body defy also is to often go up penalty shot line, this also is another his menace. Second section tall is treated or continue penalty shot line, first half did not end him already 9 punish 9 medium, aggressive sex and power are real too strong.

First half tall is treated already 3 minutes of balls 9 cast 4 in, and enter the second half, the match is hit more easily, basically eagle is in only fragmentary a few phase had had kickback prettily, major while or actual strength are too poor, below George basket a few breakthroughs are procurable, exterior line still holds output, the 3rd did not end, the match has been to run quickly to rubbish time thoroughly.

3 Qiao Zhicai made 18 minutes of time, can saying is relaxed very, will look according to occasion, he won't get on probable minor details again, be opposite publicly in the Qiao Zhiceng after a match oneself expression is dissatisfactory, whether can after knowing to obtain him to be gotten the better of in fast bow today, he have a better opinion to oneself.

Minor details Li Fusi still sends George on, he is defending end also is to send Yang Yi conflagration boiler, it is homicide kill heart simply, after moment, george with respect to end, he also was to complete today's race ahead of schedule.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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