Female parallelism of Tianjin of bright red graceful surpasses one ticket to beg Zhu Ting hard " explode red " orbit date from

Female parallelism of Tianjin of bright red graceful surpasses one ticket to beg Zhu Ting hard to explode red contrail date from

The woman nowadays discharges altar, the player can resemble Zhu Ting without which so fire. It is her achievement and group of giant vermicelli made from bean starch not only, still have the product of the yearly salary that she plays a ball game, Dai Yan, go even film of guard the threshing floor can mount hot search. New sports season, zhu Ting joins in Tianjin team, 980 yuan season ticket sells one sky already, only field ticket also broke up severalfold, calculate now going up is one ticket is begged hard.

Interesting is, review Zhu Ting explode red contrail, can discovering her is not play a ball game in home fire rises, leave foreign career with hers more very much relevant. Somebody envies Zhu Ting to encounter noble everywhere, little imagine can capture the life of the opportunity, it is the life of effort certainly.

Height 1 meter 88 when already cut a figure

In August 2011, on the championship contest of volleyball of world teenager woman that in Turkey capital Ankala holds, the Zhu Ting that plays cosmopolitan game first holds the position of a spiker. Zhu Ting's height is only at that time 1 meter 88, get 17 minutes alone in semifinals however, take next matches to notch king title.

2012, zhu Ting gets the bishop drills Xu builds heart appreciate, as brunt team of volleyball of woman of help China youth takes next women's volleyballs inferior green contest champion, also take 2013 qualification of tounament of world youth women's volleyball. A series of achievement let Lang Ping be determined, induct 1 meter of Zhu Ting of 90 enter height at that time national group.

Obedient it is the important label on Zhu Ting body.

Just drilled along with national group a month, lang Ping discovers Zhu Ting jumps over Lian Yuebai, ghastly still white. Because force, physical power is insufficient, zhu Ting can not get used to the training of national group.

Lang Ping is urgent made stop training, ask Zhu Ting must have a meal more, much more experienced physical ability, still arranged physical ability train, made education plan. Zhu Ting is obedient, man makes the same score the egg whitening that prepares personally, zhu Ting eats to leave foreign Turkey league matches later all the time. In Henan team, zhu Ting is likewise obedient. The Zhu Ting 2013 has been the ham of Henan women's volleyball, had her, henan group goes from piscine Nan body powerful force. She lets Yulu's battle be record in annals, in that match, zhu Ting takes below 43 minutes, before Li Yingying, it is sheet of player of league matches home all the time field is highest notch record. But the public enemy that Henan team also became countrywide fan, fan feels distressed Henan aggression relies on Zhu Ting, block to rely on Zhu Ting, defend even back row Yao Zhuting is low receive block high.

Ceng Huo gets MVP mower name

When Tianjin the national games, zhu Ting had taken ten million high pay in Turkey. When Henan team needs Zhu Ting, she hesitates to give fight on behalf of Henan team none. Regrettablly Zhu Ting did not deliver Henan line, what accumulate because of league matches and the national games however is tired out, in the spot anoxic faint, by urgent send toward the hospital.

The Zhu Ting when those should be in Turkey league matches, European champion league matches, China the national games deal with of many time zone, many competition ground, the leap up that also is ego of promotion of whole side of bright red graceful however rises period.

Zhu Ting also agrees with that paragraph of period progress is the rapiddest. The athlete of club high level slants now much, training and can experience personally in person in the match, be helpful for oneself rise. Oneself cook in the life, oneself drive training, oneself go Check In, all things need him to do. At ordinary times OK also static the book reads in light of next hearts, fill charge. Zhu Ting says. Zhu Ting of that paragraph of day wins the title of MVP mower.

Before going to Turkey to go back to the motherland to May 2019 from September 2016, zhu Ting follows Turkey women's volleyball Wajifu bank club team go on an expedition 3 sports season, in Turkey super cup, Turkey cup, earth exceeds league matches, Ouguan league matches and world all cup 5 contests thing achieves beautiful performance repeatedly, force aided team to take 8 champion, her individual also receives in glory MVP 6 times, be elected as optimal main attack 4 times, successive 3 sports season become the most ablaze star on Turkey competition ground.

Good achievement lets commercial value change now

Besides the victory, zhu Ting still takes the flow that needs most for Turkey volleyball. Agreement star is signed before Turkey, do not have law a

nd the benefit of person energy of life of bright red graceful to contend. The data of some commerce website shows, in women's volleyball of direct seeding Turkey when super cup match, at least 1 million netizen is swarmed into the game watchs between direct seeding, and population of Turkey whole nation is less than 80 million.

Turkey media " the sound of Istanbul " describe Zhu Ting so: Can you imagine a vermicelli made from bean starch compares the women's volleyball giant star with even much population of our whole nation to come does Turkey play the game? She comes from China, brought the attention of 1.4 billion person, market and opportunity for us. Career leaving ocean also accomplished Zhu Ting. During Zhu Ting leaves ocean, in Turkey team and sponsor of bright red graceful drive jointly below, zhu Ting had fan group: Small Huang Ren, the name comes from Wajifu just about the team of the bank takes color yellow.

Favorable result brings exposure rate, group of giant vermicelli made from bean starch brings eyeball effect, this lets commercial value of Zhu Ting get changing showing: This year in January, zhu Ting and athletic brand install heart Ma autograph to make an appointment with, become the Chinese spokesman of the brand. This motion brand of the United States is in of home famous degree, in the library that comes from NBA originally, pull a hand with Zhu Ting now, affirmative meeting is more people hep.

For fairness, zhu Ting is loiter the heat of Chinese women's volleyball. After all Chinese women's volleyball makes the same score period to man from the 5 period that connect a coronal, maintain from beginning to end the openly figure of energy. But young yellow person shows quite a few, oneself are not a fan, just confuse Zhu Ting. Old team and fan Zhu Ting are thankful to be able to change after becoming famous show huge attention and flow, caress from what do not fly group of vermicelli made from bean starch. At this moment on body of bright red graceful another characteristic is shown come, that is thankful namely.

The tale that the Zhu Ting after becoming famous is thankful is not little, the near future is paid close attention to by media, it is in her first-run league matches is opposite the match of a Henan team. After Zhu Ting is helping Henan of Tianjin team sweep anything away, the old teammate that there are ten special local products to send Henan the women's volleyball after contest and coach. Zhu Ting is teammate people sent food ceremony case is famous 18 streets fried dough twist and nutlet piece. Do not say Zhu Ting spent how many money, this gift takes a heart at least.

Treat fan, zhu Ting also is can group photo with

respect to group photo, can sign. Zhu Ting expresses for many times, oneself know this loves from why and come. That is the affirmation of pair of her volleyball achievement.

Volleyball motion gave Zhu Ting everything nowadays, zhu Ting also does not have the chance that volleyball gives disappoint. Nowadays, small Huang Ren loves Zhu Ting's catchphrase, had come to Tianjin from Turkey, a when become women's volleyball league matches beautiful beautiful scenery, the demonstrative effect of prospective Zhu Ting will advance Chinese female motion to develop greatly.

Zhu Ting remembers from beginning to end, oneself are the adjacent home girl that Henan country walks out of, volleyball gives everything his. Once Zhu Ting is accepted interview, the heart that is her is real portraiture. She says: I like volleyball, volleyball brings me a lot of joy, include all present achievement, flower and applause to be attributed to volleyball, originate volleyball. To me, I cherish this to bestow more.

(reporter Zhu Peng)

Original title: One ticket tries line of Tianjin of new sports season hard why is Zhu Ting like this welcome responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling


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