Enbidetangsi fights to be driven out in NBA match face even ban the punishment such as contest

Today, assume personal command advocate the 76 people of field with 117 than 95 get the better of silvan wolf greatly, keep complete get the better of while terminative of adversary 3 Lian Sheng. Nevertheless, the focus of this match is not victory or defeat, however Tang Si and favour compare the conflict of heart during the match, two people in pairs is driven out, future may face amerce and the punishment that ban co

ntest even.

When the match undertakes the 3rd, tang Si and Enbide produce intense body to contact below basket, the arm of two people tangles together, enbide pushed Tang Si continuously, latter is very malcontent to this, try to hug with arm Enbide's neck, bilateral subsequently scuffle falls down.

The try to stop people from fighting each other before the staff member goes up quickly with other team member, stanch of conflict upgrade, but 76 people player Benximengsi presses Tang Si press in the ground, and the motion that doubt seems larynx having a lock. The time that conflict lasts is not long, advocate the judgment is decisive drive out two leading role of conflict come on the sta

ge, match proceed.

We think, this conflict evolves into affray finally, punish them according to regulation fell. When NBA government is being accepted to interview after contest, should be worth advocate juridical mark discloses, oneself did not notice the origin of incident completely, just see both sides is pestered together. As to the Benximengsi that presses Tang Si, advocate the judgment expresses: Benximengsi is intermediary.

As one of leading role of incident, enbide expresses after contest, everybody knows, I very the state of mind that is good at affecting adversary, this is my strong point. This is basketball game, this kind fights is bagatelle one picket. Enbide's state of mind is really such, during the match, after Enbide is pulled open, banquet of reserve of trend of star of husband of this 76 people and teammate people attack a palm to celebrate, return great to show movement of fistic brandish fist.

Nevertheless, according to allied regulation, to similar affray incident, NBA allied office has authority to be in to the player in order to prohibit contest and the fine under 60 thousand dollar. Go up at the beginning of sports season, ingram, grand much, Paul is in for similar affray incident with respect to Ceng Yin with different level prohibit contest and fine, among them Yinggelamuyin brings about fist of strong jump course, brandish to be banned to surpass 4. Do not give an accident, after it is clear to be investigated to the detail of this incident in allied office, enbide and Tang Si will receive the allied amerce, punishment that ban contest. (reporter Xu Bangyin)

Original title: Play a ball game change dozen of person! Enbidetangsi fights to be driven out in NBA match responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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