Ba Saqiu confuses header of attack Spaish sudden death to still insult Pi Ke and its family


Saqiu confuses header of attack Spaish sudden death to still insult Pi Ke and its family

Go up local time Saturday, performed two Jiataidebi. In Xi Jiazhong, cling to battle of 2-2 of Sa guest field makes the same score Spaish, pi Ke and its home person sufferred very dirty abuse. In Xi Bingzhong, cling to Sa B team advocate team of B of Spaish of field 2-0 conquer, ba Saqiu is confused insulted Spaish even in those days the captain Ha Erke of sudden death.

In Jiataidebi, want Pi Ke to hit a ball only, inevitable meeting hears catcall even the quarrelling sound. Spanish media points out, spaish fan not only abuse Pi Ke, still atttack his cummer even Milan of Xiajila, his son. Xiajila is scolded meretricious, milan is said is Wakasuo's son. Wakasuo is to be in on the west the player of a black with armour old effectiveness, he with ugly celebrated.

Battle is compared in the heart of B team in, cling to Sa advocate fight, be turn for Ba Saqiu this to confuse show quality. Somebody tongue-lashs Spaish to go dead, if must commit murder,somebody howls, I kill Spaish player. Return somebody to take Haer

ke to drive scald thin slices of meat in boiling water even: If Haerke scores a goal, that is ghostliness goal.

Disaster not as good as family, spaish fan is right of Xiajila, Milan abuse and special beyond the mark. But the attack that Ba Saqiu confuses pair of Haerke, make a person feel unimaginably queer more. " A Si signs up for " offerred sharp criticism to this: The act of these fan, field of husband of Ling Kelu Yi cheats be ashamed! Cling to Sa B team advocate, name in order to overcome name of rash Yi husband.

Original title: Does Ba Saqiu confuse adversary of attack sudden death on the west intermediary: ? ∶ of Hui of Qiu of bridle temple gallopping practice still? responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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