Army carry meets record of broken world of Pan jade Cheng military affairs 5 men obstacle runs 2 minutes 10 seconds record-breaking

Electric army carry met Wuhan of Xinhua News Agency on October 20 characteristic project military affairs 5 spread out 500 meters of obstacles 20 days to run project contention. Cheng of jade of Chinese player Pan with 2 minutes of 09 seconds the achievement of 05 breaks record of world of this project man, also make the athlete that this project runs into 2 minutes of 10 seconds the first times.

According to the military affairs 5 tournaments committee introduces, military affairs of board of international army body 5 men obstacle runs former w

orld record is 2 minutes of 10 seconds 05, ceng Zhuiping of Cheng of jade of the Pan 6 years ago record of this generation bound, nowadays, he surmounted himself eventually.

500 meters of obstacles run to be considered as a military affairs 5 in the most wonderful also be the most difficult project at the same time. This match to Pan jade Cheng, it may be said a race with oneself. In full-court audience in cheering sound, play of Pan jade Cheng gives admirable form, start of a race preceded before long adversary, and hold a dominant position all the way. Net of picket of 5 meters of high hurdles, 5 paces, uneven bars, single-plank bridge, small stake each is obstacle, cheng enters Dan Panyu one by one close, spell rate, spell staying power, having developinging terminus that momently, the achievement picture of spot big screen decides case to be in 2 minutes 09 seconds 05.

Right now, wait to already can'ted restrain excited mood to rush forward in terminal teammate, coach, clustering round Pan jade Cheng, protecting him to let him rest well at the same time, cheer for him aloud ceaselessly at the same time. In the process that walks out of competition ground, ceaselessly foreign player sets upright a thumb to him, a

pplaud for him, nod assist for him.

(20) 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 6 years, big 6 years old. Clearance rests after Pan jade Cheng is surpassed, clutch begins the time that the finger is counting him distance to seek smooth world record last time (2013) , although hardships of all previous classics, he transcends self eventually. (reporter Li Yun, Hou Wenkun)

Original title: Surmount oneself! Pan jade Cheng breaks a military affairs 5 men obstacle runs world record responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li


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