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Turkey will " force is protected " cross the boundary illegally of appraise border town attacks horrible organization... [阅读全文] 栏目:爱上海贵族宝贝


Will report on November 26 a

ccording to British media,
su Fu goes to disclose that day than the auction, a China buys housekeeping money 160 thousand 5 1000 dollars bought 100 box to come from cereal of California accept handkerchief to write a wine place of business " work " dry claret.

Su Fu expresses than surprising in controller of North America bishop, they go to carry of this batch of wine Asia. Estimate according to him, in New Year of Chinese the traditional Chinese calendar (on January 31, 2014) before, bishop of this 100 box can reach destination on time.

Surprise in divulge, auction 100 box vinous idea comes from not of sign one's name sell the home, should sell the home a few Zhou Qian walks into Su Fu to compare, ask whether they come from to auctioning these " work " the bishop of wine place of business is interested. " work " baron of heart of Er of bavin of Ross of wine Zhuang You and copartner Meng Dawei founded jointly 1979.

Surprise to still say in, from this month 11 rise, the retailing shop below banner of travel of auction of Su Fu comparing begins to hold by a definite date 5 days " work " (OpusOne) Tibet tastes monopolistic meeting, sell 100 case gross 600 bottles of work do claret one number.

It is reported, bidder has to come from the United States, one comes from India, but of China buy the home most give money first, pat finally " work " dry claret.

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Login register police of Italy of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to arrest " the king of rubbish " are Qieluoni and experience case curule origin: ? Be not?2014-01-10 15:0 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The · of Nuo of king horse benefit of Italian rubbish cuts Luo Ni to be arrested

Italian media says 9 days, because be accused to violate communal regulation, in communal taste the existence on supply to fraudulent action reachs an organization and participate in the accusation such as illegal rubbish commerce, italian police was arrested have " the king of rubbish " the Malinuo Qieluoni that say.

Italy " late Post " say 9 days, because consider Qieluoninian the responsibility is advanced already and external element, the means that will put under house arrest in order to be in the home to its only is punished. " late Post " divulge, in the investigation time that is as long as 5 years before this, italian police is right already cut Luo Ni amount the asset of 18 million euro undertakes freezing. In addition, with Qieluoni together, still have other 6 are arrested with case suspect, the Laqiao before including among them is big the governme

nt such as Chairman Ou Bruno Randy is curule.

The Qieluoni that is 86 years old ever rubbish fills the Malageluoda that the palm accuses Roman outskirts of a city bury, this so-called " Europe is the biggest " fill bury cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 240 hectare. Be as long as after build in 30 old time, this Tophet is in charge of handling the life rubbish that comes from Rome, Vatican and circumjacent area all the time, before coming to was shut by the government because of deep-set scandal on October 1, 2013, rubbish fills Malageluoda bury still should receive everyday 4500 to 5000 tons of rubbish. Italy " republic newspaper " ever made fun of say, the black rubbish bag th

at carry gives over there Nuo of Cong Alai horse and pope, 60% is send into Malageluoda to fill bury, and Qieluoni also made Roman be worthy of the name accordingly " the king of rubbish " .

Of Italy " rubbish problem " often be paid close attention to by the outside in recent years, 2011, italian south is the biggest urban Naples street piles up for a time on the road nobody handle about 2400 tons of rubbish, till Italian premier Beilusikeni its qualitative for " national level emergencies " , appoint in ministerial meeting " imperial envoy " after supervising and direct personally, be able to solve just now. Italian media thinks generally, rubbish of the south in dividing is in outside the element such as reason Maffia control, italy " rubbish crisis " also reveal the problem such as a governmental government not to be pooh-poohed and corruption.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Indonesian zoo is judged the world is the cruelest 3 months are dead 50 animals... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州中低端茶微信


Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such

as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, pro
motion provide for the aged is taken

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Official of American energy ministry confirms 20 days, city of city southeast ministry blocks new Mexico isolation experiment factory produced the waste material of one place nucleus near Er Si Bade a few days ago leak, but won't cause menace to public health temporarily.

According to " new Mex signs up for " website report, official of American energy ministry why Sai Fulangge expressed on the press conference that day, the nuclear waste that the data that surveillant unit presents and remain after deduction of this factory land put is consistent, this specification produced leak, but specific leak circumstance is still indistinct, the staff member may need to count week ability safety to enter experiment plant in order to understand a situation.

Fulangge still says, many 100 staff member of this factory is received in 14 days of evening after leak calls the police by instantly scattered, filter device immediately is started, this reduced the leak of

the radioelement, subterranean radiation level also is reduced gradually.

This is this factory builds a factory 15 years to produce nuclear leak accident first. American energy department ever announced 15 days, because of radiation sensor occurrence problem, they had given orders plant of this nucleus waste quits movement. But till 19 days of evening, energy department just decides the radiation chroma of nuclear flotsam has exceeded normal level.

Report, because American energy department fails to reveal this nucleus leak in time pertinent information, state locality official is opposite new Mexico this expresses dissatisfaction, department of energy of requirement United States can share pertinent information in time with place later.

This is the 2nd accident that near future of plant of this nucleus waste produces. This month 5 days, this factory storehouse is abrupt on fire, bring about a staff member urgent and scattered, but this accident did not cause radioactivity pollution.

City churchyard has n

ew Mexico the Lowes A that a responsible nuke studies pulls lab of Home Mo Siguo, the nuclear flotsam of this lab stores in afore-mentioned nuclear flotsam isolation experiments factory. (reporter Zhang Yongxing)

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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to return Chinese is Thailand airliner performed " does entire military go " is party taken away by peaceful police origin: ? Inclined?2014-02-17 14:4 of  Wu JiEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Original title: Tourist of on homecoming airliner two batches of Wuhan roughh


Graph article has nothing to do

The plane is forced incur loss through delay

Party is taken away by Thailand police

29 people journey suffers an effect

"The brigade of Thailand is about perfect end, the airlines that go back to the motherland fights because of tourist of two batches of Wuhan however and incur loss through delay. " yesterday, the netizen expects through growing small gain to sign up for to our newspaper, say to be in International Airport of Thailand Pu Jidao, because two batches of tourists produce conflict on the plane that is about to take off, perform " entire military goes " , till local police arrives, combat just is appeased.

The reporter is checked, this combat is caused by a small misunderstanding, thailand police boards the plane take away several people, additionally a few do not participate in the family member that fight to leave peaceful actively, share 29 people to go back to the motherland the journey suffers an effect. At present both sides already reconciled.

Return Han Hang class to perform " entire military goes "

Yesterday before dawn 4 when, the Thailand Pu Jidao that fourth young lady of 28 years old ended by a definite date 6 days swims, preparation takes the Wuhan of non-stop flight to of a plane of domestic airline from airport of Pu Jiguo border. "Do not have expect to go abroad satisfactorily a combat that swims to go up because of the plane however, let me feel special unpleasantness. " after fourth young lady arrives at Wuhan, told oneself experience our newspaper through small gain.

When the thing happens in the passenger to board the plane in succession. Fourth young lady says, take that day the many is Wuhan tourist of the airliner, come from different tourism group. She got on a plane to just sat down before long, hear somebody is very loud conversation, begin her to do not have an attention, however, between two men " Chinese scold " was full of whole tourist class, after several minutes, brawl turns into limbs conflict, and ceaseless somebody joins conflict in. "Engine room is mat, bar do not bar, pull also do not pull. " memory of fourth young lady, a man is pressed on the seat by a few people, the head was broken several fists, the corners of the mouth of a female passenger also was hit blood.

During, although have the try to stop people from fighting each other before male passenger goes up, but invalid, letting what she feels the most accident is, both sides travels together with the family member, among them a few female family members of one party, not only not mediate, still pointing to nose to scold the other side aside, let whole thing be couldn't get tardy solve. "Tens of renown passengers cannot enter engine room at all from the back. " round tourist guide of travel of place of fourth young lady Miss Lu introduces, she did not see the course of its happening, know the somebody inside engine room fights only, tens of renown passengers that had not boarded the plane can wait in engine room mouth only.

Thailand police boards the plane take away several people

The airline that fourth lady place takes a scheduled flight confirmed fight incident. According to introducing, this airliner is decided formerly 4 when take off 20 minutes, but fight because of the passenger, the plane is in the airport of Thailand incur loss through delay a hour just takes off, yesterday morning 10 when 20 minutes, the plane is already safe touch Chinese.

A controller of this company says, according to them preliminary understanding, the thing is rise because of trading a place. At that time, bringing a child to husband and wife, the husband is holding the child in the arms to take a place, the wife parts with two people, the wife wants to trade the place to the side of the husband and child at that time, the husband may be disrelished should discuss to change with neighbour more troublesome, mixed with the wife then a few mouths, when result husband scolds a wife, the guest on the side thinks is to scold him, then this ability produces quarrel, upgrade to conflict for limbs finally.

After the accident, staff of on machine 67 unit drives the spot to processing entirely, but helpless. "Corridor is narrower at that time, both sides has much person again rage, do not persuade at all. " unit staff thinks passenger behavior has browbeaten aviation is safe, call the police then, ask Thailand police to board the plane processing. This chief still says, on the back after seat of the such as on the plane put aside the content such as content board to be damaged in conflict process, the loss is not fortunately big.

After police arrives, conflict both sides morbid plane, a few did not participate in the passenger that fight to because have relatives and friends,also be taken away, and stay actively in Thailand.

As we have learned, because this incident was delayed,share 29 passengers go back to the motherland the journey, include 3 children and 45 old people among them.

Feel very humiliating with machine tourist

"Sit aboard, I besides without language, more it is to feel humiliating. " fourth young lady says, although she is foreigner, but already worked 5 years in Wuhan, also have very deep feeling to Wuhan. But should see other passenger fight on the plane that still keeps outside the condition, she as the brethren, sensory feel as if sitting on a bed with needles, "Especially the plane on Thailand police takes away a person that momently, feel on the face by fan heavy a slap on the face. Feel on the face by fan heavy a slap on the face..

Fourth young lady

tells a reporter, many people on the plane say when mediate at that time, it is Wuhan person, fight in abroad, very lose face, but bilateral not pay attention to.

Airline controller expresses, in recent years the tourist's quality is rising, although there is conflict to appear occasionally on the plane, but the circumstance that much like such aboard person fights sees rarely really, the airline that serves as home also feels very helpless.

Hubei today attorney office but strengthen a lawyer to say, chinese tourist fights on the plane of domestic airline, be handled commonly according to internal law law. Bilateral behavior had violated method of public security management and civil aviation law, want gently to be punished by administration, form again be suspected of provoke affray blame or harm a blame intentionally. Specific should be investigated by public security mechanism.

Before cut stalked of grain last night, the reporter understands, thailand police is bilateral to fighting did the punishment such as amerce, undertook intercessory, at present both sides has reconciled and leave a police station, they play the arrangement that is in viatic company choose period to go back to the motherland. (Chu Tiandou city signs up for reporter Liu Yi)


On August 27, 2013

From 3 inferior on the CZ6761 airliner that flies to Shenyang classics to stop Wuhan, because a woman uses machine window gobo and a man to roughhouse. The plane is in Chinese the two people after descending are taken away by the police.

On October 6, 2012

Airliner of 3U8726 of flying Harbin of Wuhan of classics of plain boat Nanning is touched Chinese hind, 3 male passengers produce conflict, one person is mauled. After the event of airport people's police is in through waybill the person that found dozen of person along with the city, right among them one person place detains 7 days with administration.

On September 2, 2012

From Switzerland Su Li world flies to the airliner of Beijing to go up, passenger of two China book adjusts a problem to erupt because of the back of the chair limbs conflict, force an airliner to return to base. One week later, on the airliner that flies on the sea in class of Sichuan aviation a place of strategic importance, appear again the occasion of many passenger fistfight.

On June 30, 2012

On an airliner that flies to Shenyang classics to stop Wuhan by Kunming, 5 female passengers fight. The plane is touched Chinese hind, pilot plays 5 women the plane please, turn over airport public security to handle, cancel 5 people to seize the opportunity qualification.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Now international news... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海龙凤419论坛



her is this page list page or
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