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更新时间:2022年01月18日 10:26

西安夜生活论坛Australian premier Abote searchs for signal of MH370 airliner black box certainly



According to latest news of Korea KBS TV station, "Years date " the death toll of wreck passenger liner rises to 56 people.

Local time 16 days 9 when (Beijing time 8 when) the l

eft and right sides, one holds 475 more than person, from Korea Ren Chuan sails of island of past aid city " years date " passenger liner in complete Luo Na precious island county watchs Mei Dao with north 20 kilometers maritime space produces soggy accident to sink.

Hua Chunying of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 18 days, classics China is stationed in the Korea diplomatic mission, city that be stationed in light to always get a house to Korea sea alarm check further, preliminary affirm sunken passenger liner is missing there is 4 Chinas citizen in the pass


 11 Colombia aborigines is hit to die by lightning 13 people are injured

England lasts rainstorm weather causes big calamity to send peaceful interview person river definitely bank


Railroad labour union and governmental war ankylose

Labour union of railroad of Korea whole nation launchs the strike 9 days, drive railroad in order to protest the government establishs tall iron company to be changed demesne. Labor field is maintained, establish tall iron company to will bring about a large number of papering cutter that rise in price with ticket. 22 days, korea government is devoted alarm force captures cadre of railroad labour union not if really, cause the violent protest of labou

r union and citizen group. 23 days, both sides of labour and capital still did not find breach, make railway strike grows in intensity. Korea president Piao Jinhui expresses, government won't make the compromise that is without a principle to going on strike, but she also is immersed in accordingly be in office the crisis.

The tough attitude of plain family name not can the revolt that home remedy strangles the people, the normalizes a trend to had let Korea railroad traffic of the strike got be affected badly. 23 days, korea train moving rate is only 76% , for the lowermost level since the strike. Grow in intensity to prevent strike situation, korea is in office party of party of Home Dang Xinguo head Huang You Lv offers to opposition, negotiate the joint resolution that makes acceptance do not carry out railroad civilian battalion to change by both sides of the government and the public, prevent strike limits to expand. Blindly ironhanded and stand fast the problem that apparent insoluble Korea faces the principle now, can make conflict sends irremediable more only, only perhaps government and labour union talk things over more rationally and plain family name of communication ability help overshoots the crisis before. (Beijing business signs up for Zhang Shan of reporter Han Zhe's exercitation reporter)


nd read: Korea president Piao Jinhui is forced nonofficeholding information courtyard is illegal the election is announced

Korea platelayer goes on strike 16 days police dispatchs plan to arrest labour union cadre

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 American Guam area produces of short duration of 7.1 class earthquake to report without personal casualty (graph)

South Africa completes the world successfully first phallic transplanting operations are donated for the patient

 Service of provide for the aged of attentio

n spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board,

promotion provide for the aged is taken

 西安夜生活论坛Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Mandelaan will bury ceremony press traditional ceremony to hold origin: in ancient exert village at 15 days? Qu Xian?2013-12-12 13:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Graceful heart pulls remains from than Le Tuo carry of one surgeon courtyard goes to Liyadi fed

eral large building

Army personnel Mandela of the president before south Africa inner and outer coffins carries into federal large building

Remains transfers Mandela of the president before south Africa 11 days capital of south Africa administration compares the profit that strap Tuo inferior, will come 13 days from 11 days, everyday early morning goes to edifice of federal of seat of presidential government office from hospital use. The people begins to head for look with reverence of federal large building graceful heart pulls a portrait of the deceased.

People early morning awaits look with reverence

South Africa government releases a message to say, 11 days come 13 days daily early morning 7 when, graceful heart pulls remains general from than Le Tuo carry of one surgeon courtyard goes to Liyadi federal large building, south Africa people and foreign honoured guest can head for look with reverence graceful heart pulls a portrait of the deceased. That day early morning 6 when, a lot of peoples already waited outside federal large building.

"This is us exclusive, also be the last time can see Mandela. We do not want to miss this opportunity. " Ai Wei of 27 years old says. "Mandela means everything. He is south Africa ' Mosaic ' , guide us to walk out of the times of an anguish making a person. " Mo Labo of 31 years old says.

Graceful heart pulls remains 14 days to will be carried toward birthplace Dong Kaipu visits ancient exert village, bury the ceremony will be held by traditional ceremony at 15 days.

Graceful heart pulls congress of mourn over a pers

on's death 10 days to be held in Yaohanneisibao, leader of dynast of nearly 100 each country, government and people of about 100 thousand south Africa played to grieve over activity. Cure of Mandelayin disease is invalid, 5 days die in Yaohanneisibao's home, die at the age of is 95 years old.

South Africa person sad and do not hurt

Graceful heart plays official memorial meeting, south Africa person was not like expect of a few people in that way, tear ripples ripples, lament to heaven and knock one's head on earth. Contrary, atmosphere of activity of whole mourn over a person's death is relaxed, sad and do not hurt. Saying with its is lamentation, be inferior to saying is a royal celebration.

Heroic fall from the sky, the person that die is big. Why does people choose to use joyful come souvenir and chase after think of? Just be approbated at the same time by the thing the Mandela with homage, render outstanding service and be famous, year even more 9 a period of ten days and die, should belong to " happy funeral " . He gets a severe disease before this a few degrees be admitted to hospital, the illness affects 10 thousand popular feeling, many south Africa people had done sufficient thought to prepare already, the calm is faced " of south Africa child " a day that when leave forever. The death that religion of the hopeful nature of person of continent of and rather than, deep dip affects is view, right of familial concept take seriously, let what graceful heart pulls grieve over the person that the activity dies in souvenir while, more the action of the person that agglomeration be giftinged is born. (According to report of Xinhua News Agency)

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Aobama " petty action " like a rising wind and scudding clouds of ceaseless Michelle expression

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